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Coronavirus, farmers and organic distributors: «Quarantine does not stop us, we can resist without a supermarket»

"An alternative to the supermarket exists. Small farmers and solidarity purchasing groups reorganize themselves: Home deliveries not to violate the government decree" From the Italian publication OPEN, read this inspiring article that talks about Solidarity Purchasing Groups and local alternatives to address the unfolding hold ups in industrial food supply chains. Follow the Italian Rural Association and […]

Posted: April 14 2020
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de-populated areas offer up bargains

  Ever think you could buy yourself an Italian village on eBay? Well, you can! These types of deals are becoming more and more common. Ideally, these villages would be revived and restored by a developer who would respect the cultures and traditions of these sparsely populated areas. The village has been put up for […]

Posted: December 6 2016
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beyond alternative food networks

Food activism is core to the contemporary study of food - there are numerous foodscapes which exist within the umbrella definition of food activism from farmer's markets, organic food movements to Fair Trade. This highly original book focuses on one key emerging foodscape dominating the Italian alternative food network (AFN) scene: GAS (gruppi di acquisto […]

Posted: April 14 2016