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Coronavirus, farmers and organic distributors: «Quarantine does not stop us, we can resist without a supermarket»

Posted: April 14 2020

"An alternative to the supermarket exists. Small farmers and solidarity purchasing groups reorganize themselves: Home deliveries not to violate the government decree"

From the Italian publication OPEN, read this inspiring article that talks about Solidarity Purchasing Groups and local alternatives to address the unfolding hold ups in industrial food supply chains.

Follow the Italian Rural Association and Cooperativa Agricola Coraggio to learn more and link into the movement!

"If our system had focused more on maintaining a territorialized agriculture, that is, by ensuring many productive green lots and less intensive agriculture, there would now be more work and less logistic congestion", says Giacomo. "A local agriculture like ours is a precious resource: if supermarkets were to close and if the goods could no longer move, this type of environmental and work protection will be increasingly necessary".