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de-populated areas offer up bargains

Posted: December 6 2016

Ever think you could buy yourself an Italian village on eBay? Well, you can! These types of deals are becoming more and more common. Ideally, these villages would be revived and restored by a developer who would respect the cultures and traditions of these sparsely populated areas.

The village has been put up for sale on Ebay by its few remaining inhabitants, who are hoping that a single buyer will come forward. They have seen the population plummet as young people turn their backs on a life on the land and head for larger towns and cities in search of work.

As you search for property of your own, don't forget to check eBay's "Italian alpine village" section. And quick--before the land is overrun by wild goats!
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For sale: Italian alpine village for £195,000
Nick Squires, The Telegraph