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farm or three ring circus? maybe both

In this feature on the Brooklyn Grange, one of the premier urban farms in the country, we ask: are there ways that rural and urban farms can work together to reform the food system?

Posted: March 27 2017
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island farm oasis in the middle of NYC

What can rural farmers and suburban schools learn from New York City's educational urban farms?

Posted: February 28 2017
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greenhorns feature: resilient farming in a changing new england

Liza Bemis grows veggies on her great-great grandfather's farm and spoke with us about how to create and maintain resilient farms in an ever-changing world.

Posted: February 22 2017
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biodynamics in idaho on greenhorns radio this week

Miles Teitge is a young biodynamic farmer and educator, and he speaks to why young farmers and sustainable farming should move to Idaho.

Posted: February 10 2017
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know your abattoir: there's a shortage of local slaughterhouses, and it's kind of a big problem

There's a bottleneck problem in sustainable meat: increasingly more producers and consumers and fewer slaughterhouses equipped to get meat from one to the other.

Posted: February 10 2017
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in defense of hydroponics

The latest post in our ongoing discussion about the inclusion of hydroponics in the National Organic Production standards comes from Helen Lee, a sustainability specialist, consulting and promoting local and sustainable businesses who currently works as a brand ambassador for a maple water company and holds a Master of Science degree in Sustainable Food Systems from Green Mountain College in […]

Posted: February 9 2017
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new farmers almanac III release feb 14: preorder while supplies last!

Preorder your copy of the Vol III of New Farmer's Almanac: The Commons for its February 14th release. Because revolution smells way better than imported conventional roses.

Posted: February 6 2017
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raising hell(gate) in urban farming

Throughout its seven years, Hellgate Farm has always done things a bit differently than other urban farms in New York City- from raising backyard chickens and housing an apiary, to producing its own hot sauce. Hellgate Farm is not your typical urban farm. Last season, crops were grown in over seven plots of land throughout […]

Posted: January 23 2017
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"hydroponics is not organic — it’s not even agriculture"

Last week we asked the Greenhorns network what you think about the vertical farm. A perennially contentious idea, are hydroponics the way to the future or are they a hackneyed and ultimately artificial solution to the current crises of our food systems. The following submission on hydroponics comes from Matthew Hoffman, a Fulbright Scholar, Norwegian Centre […]

Posted: January 22 2017
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announcing the release of the new farmer’s almanac, Volume III!

Time to order your 2017 Greenhorns New Farmer's Almanac! Our third edition, Volume III explores the idea and the potential of the commons.

Posted: January 10 2017
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commons based technology: a glimpse inside l`atelier paysan

A photo tour of Les Recontres, a radical hands-on skill-sharing event in France hosted by French farm hacking heroes l'Atelier Paysan.

Posted: January 6 2017
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woman power: home to cameroon's sustainable farming movement

Greenhorns correspondent Andrew Toothacker makes an expedition to Cameroon, a country where 90% of farmers are women and revolution is in the air.

Posted: January 5 2017
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meet johny wildseed: foraging expert russ cohen has a new mission

An interview with foraging genius Russ Cohen on his new mission to create a seed bank of wild edible plants in North America.

Posted: January 17 2016