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the strategy of crooked cucumbers

In the southwest German city of Freiburg, there is a successful co-op of some 260 people who are participating in successful organic vegetable gardening and sharing the costs and risks. Whatever the harvest, good or poor, it’s distributed to all members. Cucumbers are allowed to be bent, carrots entwined, the occasional lettuce smaller than average. […]

Posted: December 18 2017
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community finance, resilience and agriculture

Growing Magazine recently published a good examination of community finance, community resilience and community agriculture - the CSA model. They profile 3 different farms: Brookford Farm in NH, Norwich Meadows Farm NY, and Prairierth Farm IL, all of whom are practicing a modified, diversified form of CSA and are thriving! 

Posted: November 3 2017
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let's get everyone to the table

Local fresh health food for all persons! Please help!

Posted: May 2 2017
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rip trauger groh, "farming adept"

Though we are a couple weeks late in the posting, we wanted to honor a new agrarian legend who passed-- not unnoticed-- at the end of July. The farming community has been mourning the passing of Trauger Groh, one of the founding members of the Wilton Community Farm in New Hampshire, one of the first […]

Posted: August 8 2016
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the land for our food

The Land for our Food is a documentary movie produced by the Access to Land network and directed by Julio Molina. The video takes us on the journey of Gavin Bridger, a grower from the Community Supported Agriculture project of Farnham Local Food in England, through various European countries in his quest of accessing land […]

Posted: June 11 2016
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genesee valley organic community supported agriculture

In 1989, some Rochestarians who wanted high value produce created the first CSA in the Genessee Valley Area. More than 20 years later, Peacework Farm continues to deliver organic certified vegetables and herbs to tables over a 26 week-long season.

Posted: May 5 2016
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need more acres: great farm name, sweet video

[vimeo 126262573 w=640 h=360] Need More Acres farm owners Nathan and Michelle discuss the necessity of diversified vegetable farms and increasing food access. This is a beautiful and heart-felt little video about a family passionate about the work that they do: providing a multi-farm CSA to 35 families; organizing a community market to make more […]

Posted: May 3 2016
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abandoned orchard revival! a cooperative venture

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/97061496] Though this video is set in Germany, the same situations exist across North America. Learning how to care for these old trees is not only a valuable skill that will give these trees a new lease on life, but one that will allow you to harvest the results for many years to come. […]

Posted: October 16 2014
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seeking farmhand in austin, texas

Job Opening - Tomato Packing Crew Position in Austin, TX Johnson's Backyard Garden is an organic CSA farm located in Austin, TX.  We grow over 30 different types of vegetables year round on 190 acres and sell them through our CSA, at all the Austin farmers markets and to local restaurants and grocery stores in […]

Posted: May 25 2013
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smoke on the mountain

from Paula Somoza Manalo, Mendocino Organics CSA The early morning of Saturday, June 22, a thunderstorm crashed through Northern California. My partner Adam and I were awakened by the shaking thunder and lightning right above us in Redwood Valley. My first thought was, "Great, we'll get a little water!" The storm did not last long, but […]

Posted: July 3 2008
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Growing Awareness

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n2K9LbVX8QE&hl=en] This feature-length documentary from the Pacific Northwest examines Community-Supported Agriculture (csa), through which consumers buy shares of a local farm's harvest, receiving a weekly supply of fresh food throughout the growing season. Small-scale organic farmers and csa members from around the South Puget Sound region share their views on the present reality of small-scale […]

Posted: May 16 2008