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the strategy of crooked cucumbers

Posted: December 18 2017

credit: Max Pixel

In the southwest German city of Freiburg, there is a successful co-op of some 260 people who are participating in successful organic vegetable gardening and sharing the costs and risks. Whatever the harvest, good or poor, it’s distributed to all members. Cucumbers are allowed to be bent, carrots entwined, the occasional lettuce smaller than average. Seasonal, totally organic growing, 100% original seed, local food production, solidarity economics, collective property and education are some of the many hallmarks of the work that they are doing.

This documentary reveals the motivations and inner life of the cooperative. It shows people, who in a time of economic and ecological crisis are doing something to counter the might of industrial agriculture: The strategy of crooked cucumbers.
Click HERE to find out more about the coop and click HERE to watch the documentary.