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community finance, resilience and agriculture

Posted: November 3 2017


credit: Brookford Farm 

Growing Magazine recently published a good examination of community finance, community resilience and community agriculture - the CSA model. They profile 3 different farms: Brookford Farm in NH, Norwich Meadows Farm NY, and Prairierth Farm IL, all of whom are practicing a modified, diversified form of CSA and are thriving! 
The CSA farm model is a means of sharing both the risk associated with farming as well as benefits that are reaped when everything goes as planned. The CSA models practiced by these three farms are designed to bring security to both the farms themselves as well as their customers by diversifying what they produce and sell. Rather than focusing on one or two crops exclusively, they all do a little bit of everything from meat and vegetables to value added products and different share options for customers to choose from.
They also focus on creating a shared experience for their customers who unlike in days gone past may often never even see the farm that they are buying from. Prairierth Farm offers field days and interactive experiences for their customers and potential customers. In all the article offers an interesting and insightful look at the CSA model and the challenges and opportunities that the model offers to farmers and communities.
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