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the honey locust contest revisited

In 1926 J Russell Smith launched a contest to gather honey locust pods from across the country, the Savanna Institute are continuing what he started.  Contest Details & Instructions Step 1: Photograph the tree Photograph the tree before the pods have fallen from the tree, although preferably after leaves have dropped. Include the entire tree within the photo. Prior […]

Posted: November 2 2017
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write 200 words, take an eco-retreat in beautiful appalachia

This is tantalizing: one essay, 3 hours work per day, and a sweet rural eco-retreat in West Virginia.

Posted: April 19 2017
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sharpen your pencils: essay contest for a dream farm

Too good to be true? Architect is giving away a certified organic farm in a Wendell Berry inspired essay contest!

Posted: February 6 2017
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$200 cash prize for the largest chestnut tree in new york

The New York Chapter of the American Chestnut Federation (ACF) is offering a $200 reward for the discovery of the largest living Chestnut tree in New York. And $50 for any trees that are over 14" DBH! As Jerry Henkin, librarian for the Northern Nut Grower's Association (NNGA) writes, "There is a tradition for this […]

Posted: January 31 2016
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voting ends march 2nd: real food media short film contest

The Greenhorns are in the top 10 and voting ends Sunday! To read more about the top 10 and the contest in general, check out this article in the Bay Area Bites blog. 

Posted: March 1 2014
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found food / dirt diving

Once you start looking, food is all around you, much of it as daily annoyances: blackberries, dandelions, pigeons and possum, deer, elk and porcupine. The Bear Deluxe Magazine, published by ORLO, an Oregon den of art + enviro-ethos, calls for your found recipes. "What about the fresh, free range and seasonably produced food sources that […]

Posted: January 16 2008