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sharpen your pencils: essay contest for a dream farm

Posted: February 6 2017

Did you have the experience of entering a coloring contest to win an over-sized Easter bunny, or perhaps a pie baking competition for gift basket filled with all manner of goodies? I clearly remember those moments from my childhood - moments that now seem quite unrealistic in terms of how things actually work in the world.
But wait!
Here's the equivalent over-sized Easter bunny for the young agrarian: Award-winning architect-turned-farmer Norma Burns has decided to give her beautiful farm away in an essay contest.  Norma has been growing herbs, vegetables, and cut flowers on the certified organic, 13 acre farm for the last eighteen years.
Here's the exact info:

Burns is holding an essay contest for full ownership of her picturesque USDA-certified organic property. She wants to leave her beloved farm in the care of a “committed couple of any description with the life experience and physical stamina that active farming requires,” she said in a release. She’s insisting on a "committed couple" because “experience has shown that Bluebird Hill Farm can’t be operated successfully by a single individual.”
“To me, there's no better calling in life than raising organic food,” said Burns. “I’m looking for a like-minded couple who have experience and training in organic farming and are willing and able to put in the long days and hard work that farming requires.”
The topic for the 200-word essay is "Why We Want to Own and Operate Bluebird Hill Farm." Entry fee is $300 and deadline is June 1.
The winning couple will receive title to the farm, free and clear. Burns said Bluebird Hill is worth $450,000. The property is also subject to an agricultural conservation easement.
The essay contest is called “A Gift of Good Land,” in homage to American novelist, poet and environmental activist Wendell Berry. Find more details and how to enter here.
A panel of judges including one attorney, one conservationist and one agricultural professional will choose the winning couple.

Opportunties like this don't come around all that often folks! We're looking forward to hearing about the word gifted, lucky couple that inherits this beautiful home.
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