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california farmlink announces new online linking system

If you are a farmer with 2+ years of experience farming and a clear idea of what you're looking for, California FarmLink now offers a new service which allows for landowners and land-seeking farmers to connect directly online (rather than through their regional coordinator). Here’s how the new system will work: Landseekers and landowners must register […]

Posted: March 28 2014
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reminder: our land symposium

OUR LAND: A SYMPOSIUM ON FARMLAND ACCESS IN THE 21ST CENTURY In the next two decades 400 million acres of U.S. farmland will change hands. Will that land be consolidated into larger holdings and treated as a commodity or investment asset? Or will it prove the foundation for a new business, a next-generation farmer, a […]

Posted: March 24 2014
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video: brix testing tangerines


Posted: March 20 2014
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blanket recall: why you should support your local slaughterhouse

A recent NYTimes opinion article begs the public to support your local slaughterhouse. Why? Costs and regulations have caused a sharp decline in slaughterhouse facilities across the state. As a result, small producers in California are being included in a blanket recall for 8.7 million pounds of beef.   "Our beef comes from grass-fed cattle. […]

Posted: March 13 2014
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reverend billy in san francisco

'Hot Sermon & Heated Talk' on the subject of the sinful silence of the Earth Movement HoneyBeeLujah! WEDNESDAY, MARCH 19, 2014 - 6:00PM - 8:00PM 1) First, a fulminating Apocalypse by the Pastor of the Church of Stop Shopping 2) ...followed by an ever so incisive Q & A period led by Savitri D 3) …and general partying […]

Posted: March 10 2014
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greenhorns at healdsburg shed!

  Friday March 7th, 7pm at the Healdsburg Shed PUNK YEOMAN: The Past and Future of the Grange Join Greenhorns founder Severine Von Tscharner Fleming and evangelist Jen Griffith for a lively evening of learning as we focus on modern farming in their presentation "Grange Future". Grange Future is a community history project undertaken by […]

Posted: March 6 2014
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wonderful new grains company

Community Grains.  Read on for information on their conference this weekend, and register HERE 2014 Conference on the Development of Our Local Whole-Grain Economy Community Grains Sunday, March 9, 2014 from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM (PDT), Oakland, CA A Progress Report & To-Do List Morning Intact Whole Grain–Why Is It Important? Presenters: Michael Pollan, Professor, […]

Posted: March 5 2014
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skills in butchery

From the Food Craft Institute: ENROLL NOW! ~ BUSINESS OF BUTCHERY Three Week Intensive Master Course April 14th - May 2nd, 2014 FCI is proud to once again offer our Business of Butchery Master Course in partnership with The Butcher’s Guild. This 3-week intensive is designed for aspiring entrepreneurs seeking to own and run a […]

Posted: March 5 2014
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greenhorns at shed!

Join Greenhorns founder Severine Von Tscharner Fleming and evangelist Jen Griffith for an evening of learning as we focus on the past and future of modern farming, "Grange Future." Learn about the early and more recent history of the Grange, the controversy with California State Grange halls and GMO labeling, and the revival across the […]

Posted: February 16 2014
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hub camp: the nuts and bolts of local food distribution

Los Angeles, CA: Mar. 16 – 18, 2014 Davis, CA: Apr. 27-29, 2014 Practical training for the entrepreneurs and organizations building the New Food Economy.   Walk away from Hub Camp with a 6-month action plan to hit the ground running! An action-oriented approach to learning, launching and adapting as you grow your local food […]

Posted: February 14 2014
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beautiful bay area egg business for sale

A great opportunity for the right greenhorn(s)?  Check it out HERE  Yes, it’s true.  We are wanting to sell our egg business to someone who will run it, expand it, and have more time for it.  We had a lot of fun doing it until now, but time constraints are requiring some cut backs.  We […]

Posted: January 6 2014
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easy there, cowboy

One of the pre-conference offerings at EcoFarm is a seminar on low-stress livestock handling which will be held at Asilomar on Wed., Jan. 22, 2014 from 8-5. Download the flier HERE  

Posted: December 23 2013
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the new california water atlas

Amazing! The California Water Atlas, a book published in 1979, continues to inspire map-makers and water lovers alike. We are making a new version of this Atlas for our generation as a public work for Californians using dynamic maps, open data and lots of citizen involvement. Learn more

Posted: December 17 2013
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young farmers planting futures

Young farmers planting futures in San Mateo County By Max A. Cherney Tony Cozzolino and his wife, Stephanie, are not your typical millennials. While the majority of their peers live in the increasingly connected and tech-savvy Bay Area, the Cozzolinos have chosen another way of life: Farming. Almost entirely by himself, Tony, 28, plants 12 […]

Posted: December 11 2013
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guilds are going! in california

check out the great organizing going on by young farmers in california! A century ago our country had well over six million farms. Today that number has fallen to just over two million—and this despite a quadrupled population. The success of local food in America depends not simply on the success of individual farmers but […]

Posted: December 4 2013
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healing our bodies, restoring the land

Interesting conference coming up in California.  Here's an Allan Savory Ted Talk for inspiration: [youtube=] Join us for this two-day conference in beautiful Chico, CA. We have an amazing line-up of speakers. Super-star Robb Wolf, New York Times best-selling author of The Paleo Solution, will be talking about eating the way humans were designed to. Our very […]

Posted: November 26 2013
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american grassfed conference, california

American Grassfed Association 2013 Conference Growing the Culture of Simple, Honest Food October 31 -November 2, 2013 San Diego, California Please join us in beautiful San Diego as grassfed producers, nationally recognized experts, chefs, consumers, academics, processors, distributors, food artisans, and others dedicated to the sustainable and healthy production of grassfed and pastured meats gather […]

Posted: October 10 2013
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gill tract update

A Family Field Day & Community Forum on The Gill Tract Farm: Laboratory for a Resilient Future Dig in the soil, learn how it was formed, what it meant to those who stewarded it before us, and what it could mean for our future. Sunday, October 13th 10am-4pm 10am-Noon  Open Field! Play on the farm, harvest, and […]

Posted: October 7 2013
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the indigenous farming project

Planting Justice in the Owens Valley: the Indigenous Farming Project  by May Nguyen of Planting Justice  I’ve been working on behalf of Planting Justice with a project called the Indigenous Farming Project (IFP), a tribal agriculture & nutrition pilot program in collaboration with San Francisco artist collective Future Farmers. Inspired by his train travels through the […]

Posted: July 27 2013
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spring action at the gill tract

Occupy the Farm announces Spring action When: Saturday, May 11th at noon Where: Albany City Hall - corner of San Pablo and Marin On May 11th, farmers, students and concerned Albany citizens will re-establish the Gill Tract as a productive urban farm, putting the public land to public use. Last week, UC Berkeley announced that […]

Posted: May 7 2013
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urban ag land access

via Little City Gardens.  A public hearing is scheduled for tomorrow.  CA greenhorns, take action! Access to land is a crucial issue for small scale farming, both urban and rural, and as we’ve previously talked about here, insecure land tenure has been one of the biggest obstacles we’ve come across in our three years of […]

Posted: April 16 2013
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vegetable breeding intensive

Register by email at [email protected] $50, worktrade & student discounts are available, pay with check or paypal (use donation button on the right) Fred Hempel is an organic farmer and plant breeder at Baia Nicchia farm. He breeds tomatoes squash, peppers, & mustard. He sells his own & Ethiopian vegetable varieties through Artisan Seeds. He […]

Posted: April 9 2013
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rancher to rancher

California greenhorns! If you're interested in ranching, check this out:

Posted: April 2 2013
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five upcoming fibershed classes!

The mission of Fibershed is to change the way we clothe ourselves by supporting the creation of local textile cultures that enhance ecological balance, and utilize regional agriculture while strengthening local economies and communities. Community Felting Project: The Fibershed Yurt Cover When: April 20-21, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Where: a private farm in Lagunitas, CA with […]

Posted: March 22 2013
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volunteer opportunities at slide ranch

Always a good way to get your foot in the door... Slide Ranch offers rewarding volunteer opportunities for individuals and groups from throughout the Bay Area. While working under the supervision of trained staff on our teaching farm and 134 acres of wild lands, volunteers contribute to Slide Ranch in a variety of ways, including […]

Posted: March 20 2013
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rfp in california sierra foothills

The American River Conservancy is looking for farmers and/or partners to submit quality proposals to lease portions of the Historic Wakamatsu Tea and Silk Colony Farm (aka “Gold Hill Ranch”) in the foothills of El Dorado County.  Attached you will find the official RFP and map of the areas we are seeking to lease. PROJECT […]

Posted: February 28 2013
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porkville ranch seeks swine manager

Porkville Ranch is a 2,000 acre property located in Yorkville, California. Porkville is home to the only breeding population of the Italian Cinta Senese pig outside of Italy. The mixed woodlands and oak savannah habitats found at Porkville are similar in climate and natural productivity to the Tuscan forests that have supported Cinta since the […]

Posted: February 25 2013
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job opportunity at slide ranch

Summer Teacher-in-Residence at Slide Ranch (Muir Beach, CA) Slide Ranch Mission: Slide Ranch teaches visitors the impact our choices have on food, health, and the environment, through hands-on activities and independent exploration of our farm and coastal wild lands. Every bite of food connects us to the soil, sun, water, and air, and to the […]

Posted: February 19 2013
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another fun, fishy project

this one in San Francisco bay: We've got an aquaculture man coming up on Greenhorn radio soon as well.

Posted: February 13 2013
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see this documentary!

Calabria to California The documentary was also way to explore our relationships with food and work; one more statement as to why such small-scale foods should be supported over the industrialised flattening of taste. Lastly, the film is an expression of determination to see the completed project.  While starting a business (artisan food distribution, of […]

Posted: February 1 2013
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winter work parties

at Quail Springs Invitation:  Extended Winter Work Party in February and March We are looking forward to an exciting extended work party in the months of February and March to move forward several key projects at Quail Springs! Seeking Volunteers Come join the Quail Springs crew for a few days to several weeks for lots […]

Posted: January 30 2013
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support food entrepreneurship on Kiva Zip

a note from friend of the Greenhorns, Johnny Price, project director of Kiva Zip Dear friends, I'm writing to you as great innovators, entrepreneurs and organizers in the food / agriculture space, who have expressed support and interest in our Kiva Zip project. I wanted to flag one loan in particular to you in Vallejo […]

Posted: January 26 2013
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hot saucer maker seeks farmers

Here's a note for any interested greenhorns: Hot Winter is an organic hot sauce that began as a food preservation project when I was in intern at Mountain Home Farm, in Orleans, CA.  Now we have shelf space at New Seasons Markets in Portland, OR, and are looking for farmers interested in growing chilis to […]

Posted: January 22 2013
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farm to table manager at woolman

The Farm to Table Manager is responsible for managing the Woolman Farm and Kitchen. The Farm to Table Manager tends the Woolman Farm; two acres of organic vegetables, food forest, and orchard, and oversees the Woolman kitchen with four main goals in mind: 1.     Growing the majority of the produce served in the Woolman kitchen […]

Posted: January 22 2013
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two positions at fifth crow farm

Fifth Crow Farm is a young and growing, highly diversified, certified organic farm in Pescadero, CA. We are 45 miles from San Francisco and about 35 miles from Santa Cruz.  Although primarily a market farm selling to farmers’ markets and restaurants in San Francisco and San Mateo County, we also have an 85 member CSA.   […]

Posted: January 9 2013
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california homegrown

Brought to you by the folks that spearheaded the CA Homemade Food Act ! About the California Homegrown Food Act The Sustainable Economies Law Center will soon seek a California legislator to author a bill in 2013 to reduce legal barriers to the cultivation and sale of homegrown and locally-grown produce. We have posted a […]

Posted: December 7 2012
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open letter from occupy the farm

On Friday November 16, 2012, the University of California (UC) razed all of the publicly planted crops on the Gill Tract. Occupy the Farm is disappointed that the UC has unneccessarily destroyed the hard work of the community and food that could have fed it. Over the course of the last month, members of the […]

Posted: December 3 2012
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it's never too soon to think about next season.

Are you already trawling ATTRA, Good Food Jobs, WWOOF, Local Harvest, and local farmers markets for producers you'd like to work for next season? Good. Good job. Well done being serious. There are so many resources out there for you.  Here's another internship program (in California) well worth knowing about:

Posted: November 20 2012
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farm mixer at green string farm

  Saturday, November 10, 2012 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm, Contra Dance from 6:00pm to 8:00pm Greenstring Farm 3571 Old Adobe Road Petaluma, CA 94954 The event will feature a Chili Cook-Off with Green String interns, staff, local restaurants and fellow farmers participating, as well as farm tours, crop swap, music, dancing, and fun! Chili […]

Posted: November 7 2012
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yes on prop 37

A farmer's perspective [youtube=]

Posted: November 5 2012