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gill tract update

Posted: October 7 2013

oct 13 improved flyer
A Family Field Day & Community Forum on The Gill Tract Farm: Laboratory for a Resilient Future
Dig in the soil, learn how it was formed, what it meant to those who stewarded it before us, and what it could mean for our future.

Sunday, October 13th
10am-Noon  Open Field! Play on the farm, harvest, and check out an educational workshop, from kimchee to anti-oppression, to plant disease
Noon-1pm  Lunch & Bake-Off - Meal prepared with farm fresh produce.  Try for the ribbon with your favorite dessert!
1-2pm  Storytelling circle - Where we’ve been, visions for what’s ahead
2-4pm  Community Forum - “Open Space” facilitated discussion to share ideas for next season’s projects at the Gill Tract
hudson, new york