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spring action at the gill tract

Posted: May 7 2013

Occupy the Farm announces Spring action
When: Saturday, May 11th at noon
Where: Albany City Hall - corner of San Pablo and Marin


On May 11th, farmers, students and concerned Albany citizens will re-establish the Gill Tract as a productive urban farm, putting the public land to public use. Last week, UC Berkeley announced that it will proceed with plans to pave over and build on this historic farmland. Despite 15 years of local resistance, the university continues to push for a chain grocery store and commercial retail space on the Gill Tract, highlighting the urgent need for community action.

In April 2012, the organization Occupy the Farm planted a publicly-accessible farm on the Gill Tract, winning temporary protection for a portion of the land. This most recent development proposal makes it clear that the Tract is still under threat.

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