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guilds are going! in california

Posted: December 4 2013

check out the great organizing going on by young farmers in california!

A century ago our country had well over six million farms. Today that number has fallen to just over two million—and this despite a quadrupled population. The success of local food in America depends not simply on the success of individual farmers but of whole farming communities. To compete with the corporate agricultural machine that today dominates our food system, local farmers must depend not only on their own achievements but on the achievements of those around them; only a vibrant, diverse local food economy can offer a true alternative to the vertically integrated system that currently monopolizes the way we farm, shop and eat.
Small-scale farmers strive to offer superior products at competitive prices. But can they do this while cooperating with their fellow farmers to build a strong, resilient local economy? Some see in this a contradiction; others call it “coopetition”.
hudson, new york