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Sardine Camp, coming right up!

Posted: July 6 2019

The end of the month at Smithereen Farms comes with a full serving of sardines -- smoked, pickled, sauced -- you name it. Join us for a dreamy and adventure-filled day on and off the water this July 31, SARDINE CAMP! For all yous out there craving an immersive, hands-on, salty summer escapade. Along with an in-depth look at the local history, ecological significance, and cultural importance of sardines and the Downeast Maine fishery.

For more information and RSVP, email [email protected]. Full day on a sliding scale to $80 includes boat ride, fishing, presentations with local experts and pickling/smoking workshop with James Beard award-winning chef Michael Wiles of Eventide restaurant. Delicious farm fresh & smoked sardine lunch at Reversing Hall, $20. Visit here for the line up of events and special guests and full details on the day.

Come for the sardines...stay for the blueberries!

Greenhorns Sardine Camp Flyer