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Sardine Camp, coming right up!

The end of the month at Smithereen Farms comes with a full serving of sardines -- smoked, pickled, sauced -- you name it. Join us for a dreamy and adventure-filled day on and off the water this July 31, SARDINE CAMP! For all yous out there craving an immersive, hands-on, salty summer escapade. Along with […]

Posted: July 6 2019
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dogfish: a shark for breakfast?

NPR's The Salt on why dogfish, a shark that is plentiful off the coast of New England, is primarily exported to Europe for consumption while Americans import 90% of the fish they consume.

Posted: January 8 2017
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can you learn to fish for free?

These are pretty cool programs subsidized by the british government. Participation is open to anyone willing to go to the UK. It leaves us with one pertinent question. What if the USDA provided free jobs training for young farmers?

Posted: October 4 2016
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What is it about the ruthless sea? An acculturation in agricultural landscapes, full of flower buds, dewdrops, fresh hay, kittens and baby lambs cannot prepare you for the hard, chilling mechanics of a mechanized fish harvest. To my tender agrarian eyes, the fishing business is brutal. We may call them “stewards of the ocean” but […]

Posted: January 10 2016
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drifting into feudalism

'Sea Slaves': The human misery that feeds pets and livestock Men who have fled servitude on fishing boots recount beating and worse as nets are cast for the catch that will become pet food and livestock feed. By Ian Urbina Read the riveting article the the New York Times here:

Posted: August 5 2015