Greenhorns Events Calendar

This summer, our in-person courses are being replaced with our webisode series: EarthLife. Stay tuned for more information!

Cancelled Summer Schedule: (these educators will be collaborating with us to make EarthLife)

JUNE: Oyster Camp, Rice Camp, Library Action Work Party Weekend
JULY: Environmental Health Clinic & Collaboratory with Artist in Residency Nathalie Jereminjenko AO, Third Annual Seaweed Symposium, Sardine Camp and Alewife Fishway Restoration Project, Herbal Goddesses: Medicine for Land and Body
AUGUST: Baking With Fruit, Reclaiming the Blueberry Barrens, Vinegar Camp
SEPTEMBER: Agroforestry in a Forestry Context, Edmunds Research Station Boat Trip, Myco Camp.

Feel free to email with inquiries in the meantime.