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for the urban farm strategists in the room

Five Borough Farm - now in book form. Five Borough Farm: Seeding the Future of Urban Agriculture in New York City provides the most comprehensive picture of the city’s urban agriculture activity to date, recommends initiatives to connect farmers' and gardeners' grassroots efforts to municipal policy, and provides a framework for understanding and measuring how […]

Posted: October 4 2012
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picnic power

announcing a much, anticipated, 2-years in the making book release: A Variation on Powers of Ten. In ten picnics, Futurefarmers journeys through fields of inquiry ranging from philosophy to ecology, microbiology, astrobiology, environmental science, geography, and urban studies. Comparing today’s practices with those in 1968, researchers discuss the changing landscape of their field and the tools […]

Posted: September 21 2012
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sending milk

The faces and places that send milk by Skye Chalmers for the Burlington Free Press Skye Chalmers is the photographer behind a new book, Sending Milk, which features images of the New England and New York farm families that make up the Cabot Creamery Cooperative. He writes about what he observed during this three-year project. […]

Posted: August 22 2012
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interesting author interview

Here is Peter B. Collins interview with Janisse Ray, a farmer and author of The Seed Underground: A Growing Revolution to Save Food. (an excellent read) tune in HERE 

Posted: August 17 2012
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thirty-year plan

On the occasion of its thirtieth anniversary, Orion asked thirty writers and thinkers to name one thing we will increasingly need over the next thirty years if humans are going to find a way to live happily, sustainably, redeemably on earth. Our director, Severine von Tscharner Fleming, is one of the 30 authors of this […]

Posted: July 30 2012
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small farmers, read this book !

Small Farm Equipment lays the groundwork for understanding all the various machines and mechanisms on the farm, describing best practices in the context of the workplace, rather than the yard or garden. Written by Jon Magee, who has worked for Atlas Farm in western Massachusetts since 2009, after working on small vegetable farms in Pennsylvania […]

Posted: June 17 2012
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awesome children's books

we like this children's garden story. tell us your favorites ag related stories. [email protected]

Posted: June 14 2012
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fearless farm finances

New book teaches farmers to manage money aspects of farming Spring Valley, WI – The new book Fearless Farm Finances: Farm Financial Management Demystified tackles one of the biggest stumbling blocks to farm success—managing the financial aspects of a farm. This easy-to-follow book offers how-to guidance, tips and tools to help farmers feel comfortable managing […]

Posted: May 30 2012
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may 24th online book discussion

24 may 2012 THE INTERWEBS @ shindig shindig online book talk: join the interactive online discussion of "greenhorns: 50 dispatches from the new farmer movement" with editors severine von tscharner fleming, zoe ida bradbury, and paula manalo. shindig is an online platform that hosts virtual book talks and other events. this is your chance to ask questions! you must RSVP/register […]

Posted: May 25 2012
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Naomi is expert on wood fired ovens

...among other things! Those of you who have not yet read any of her works have some good reading to look forward to + Naomi's blog !

Posted: May 4 2012
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a new farmer memoir

Atina Diffley’s Memoir, Turn Here Sweet Corn

Posted: May 3 2012
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the latest from sandor katz!

It is my great pleasure to announce to you that my new book, The Art of Fermentation, is now available. Books are available for purchase on my website for $30 for the hardcover edition, list price $39.95. Just click here. Or if you have a local bookstore where you shop, please request that they stock […]

Posted: May 1 2012
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foodieodicals !

The NYC Food Book Fair is the world’s first event aimed at bringing together food publications from around the globe.  In addition to cookbooks, the Food Book Fair will feature memoirs and magazines addressing diverse topics including science, food systems, agriculture, urban design, food art and culture. Curated panel discussions, a pop-up bookstore and dozens of book […]

Posted: April 29 2012
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food book fair, nyc

Posted: April 26 2012
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tales from the sustainable underground

Tales from the Sustainable Underground: A Wild Journey with People Who Care More about the Planet thanthe Law (New Society Publishers) Tuesday, April 24th, 8PM. Occupy Albany indoor space, 472 Madison Avenue, Albany, NY An evening presentation and book release with Stephen Hren, author. Activists striving for any type of social change often find themselves […]

Posted: April 25 2012
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greenhorns book signing - friday!

27 april 2012 ESSEX JUNCTION, VERMONT @ phoenix books, 21 essex way book signing: join author and editor severine vt fleming for a discussion and book signing of "greenhorns: 50 dispatches from the new farmer movement". Sponsored by storey publishing. free and open to the public 6:30-7:30pm

Posted: April 24 2012
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screening + book signing april 26

26 april 2012 HARDWICK, VERMONT @ hardwick town house, 127 church street screening + book signing: join us for a greenhorns film screening followed by "greenhorns" book reading and q&a with severine vt fleming. Sponsored by storey publishing, the center for an agricultural economy, and galaxy bookshop. $5 suggested donation. RSVP and see who else is going on facebook here. 6:30pm

Posted: April 21 2012
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annapolis book signing !

21 april 2012 ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND @ the key school, 534 hillsmere dr. book signing: join essay author tanya tolchin for book sales and signing of "greenhorns: 50 dispatches from the new farmer movement" at the annapolis book festival! free and open to the public. 10am-4pm

Posted: April 15 2012
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excerpt in the Atlantic

hot off the press! this week an essay by Jeff Fisher was excerpted from the snazzy new greenhorns book to The Atlantic magazine's online version.  "Your hands are going to bleed." Anne Cure, owner of Cure Organic Farm in Boulder, Colorado, said this softly while looking off into the distance as Jack, one of the other farmers, described the […]

Posted: April 6 2012
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book promoting, book selling, book reading!

The Food Book Fair is the first ever event bringing together food publications from around the world alongside a dynamic set of events celebrating food writing, reading, and activism.May 4-6, 2012 | Brooklyn, NY at the Wythe Hotel

Posted: April 2 2012
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you can pre order the greenhorns book here!

Posted: March 30 2012
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don't forget the irish

in honor of St. Patrick's day, the greenhorns team suggests you pick up a copy of Forgotten Skills -- written by Ireland's beloved Darina Allen Sev and Darina met up this week and looked at the LA Marqueta market in Harleem, home to Breezy hill farm. Irish in america!

Posted: March 16 2012
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power couple dynamics

How to maintain love, and your sanity, as an entrepreneur’s wife Even with your mom’s savings on the line by Julia McKinnell, March 1, 2012 for Macleans Meg Hirshberg realizes that the wildly improbable success of her husband’s organic yogourt business, Stonyfield Farm—now the world’s largest producer of organic yogourt—is like a fairy tale to […]

Posted: March 12 2012
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greenhorns book launch! april 12

WILLIAMSTOWN, MASSACHUSETTS 7:30pm@ williams college, the paresky performance space and luetkemeyer lounge, paresky center  screening + book signing: join us for our official "greenhorns" book launch with storey publishing! screening followed by reading and q & a with severine. including free grilled cheese sandwiches from the young farmers of cricket creek farm.

Posted: March 10 2012
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in case you've never heard of jeff poppen, barefoot farmer

farmer, author, and barefooted inspirational speaker. Jeff runs Long Hungry Creek Farm -- one of the oldest (30 years) and largest (300 acres) organic farms in Tennessee, which offers a wildly popular CSA program to the local community. Jeff has written a few books, has a wildly popular CSA program, and can often be found speaking […]

Posted: March 2 2012
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land library needs new home

Couple needs new home for 30,000-volume Rocky Mountain Land Library By Electa Draper for The Denver Post Give me a home where the stacks of books loom, and the reader and researcher play. Two self-described bookish people with an unusual dream worked a quarter-century and amassed a 30,000-volume collection on "the land and people's connection […]

Posted: February 29 2012
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a favorite book of ours is back in print!

"Buying and Setting Up a Small Farm or Ranch" has been retitled and is now, "Starting Your Farm" by Lynn Miller. It is available here:

Posted: February 11 2012
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books for farmers

via Civil Eats: Farmers Talk About the Books that Inspire Them Scores of books depict farms as little slices of heaven on earth, where venison is smoked and butter is churned, and things seem perfect. But today’s farmers are far from unrealistic dreamers, longing for a Little House on the Prairie-esque pastoral ideal. They’re socially […]

Posted: January 16 2012
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a guide for greenhorns from 1775

The open source, scanned copy of American Husbandry, Volume II, 1775 (provided by google books).

Posted: January 2 2012
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farmstead chefs & pumpkin cheesecake

A guest post and a delicious recipe from the authors the Farmstead Chef Cookbook! Out to Turn Everyone into Farmstead Chefs From Lisa Kivirist and John Ivanko, Farmstead Chef Featuring Severine von Tscharner Fleming in the "Kitchen Table Talks" section, in our new Farmstead Chef cookbook you'll quickly discover we're on a mission to get […]

Posted: December 21 2011
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beautiful amazing book

"Farm Anatomy" by Julia Rothman. gorgeous drawings, delicate details - a worthy addition to your bookshelf. get it HERE from Storey Publishing (Storey is also publishing our forthcoming Greenhorns book)

Posted: November 5 2011
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NYC reading and release of "An Everlasting Meal"

      Join author Tamar Adler in NYC on October 18th for the release of her new book, "An Everlasting Meal: Cooking with Economy and Grace." There will a brief reading, signing, and a conversation about the book with Francine Stephens of Franny's. Expect good wine and delicious garlicky toasts and festivity.

Posted: October 8 2011
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our friend tamar has made a beautiful book

Friends, Family, Good Samaritans, I'm writing to introduce my very first book, An Everlasting Meal, on sale October 18th. I'd be incredibly grateful if you'd take a look at this brand new website, which contains information about me and the book, and where to find us, and forwarded it along to anyone else you thought might be […]

Posted: September 29 2011
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Tamar Adler's latest book

An everlasting meal - you can preorder on Amazon "In chapters about boiling water, cooking eggs and beans, and summoning respectable meals from empty cupboards, Tamar weaves philosophy and instruction into approachable lessons on instinctive cooking. Tamar shows how to make the most of everything you buy, demonstrating what the world’s great chefs know: that […]

Posted: August 26 2011
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from our bookmaker friends in portland

This new edition of a classic in English agrarian lit remains relevant today in the work of the worldwide peasant movement, well represented in the Americas especially by La Via Campesina. Support small local publishers! Publication Studio The True Levellers Standard Advanced by Gerrard Winstanley The True Levellers Standard Advanced is the 1649 manifesto of a proto-anarchist […]

Posted: August 24 2011
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more on mapping: so much more.

Creative Cartography:  Must-Read Books on Maps by Maria Popova From tattoos to Thomas More’s Utopia, or what Moby Dick has to do with the nature of time. We’re obsessed with maps — a fundamental sensemaking mechanism for the world, arguably the earliest form of standardized information design, and a relentless source of visual creativity. Today, […]

Posted: August 15 2011
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youth renewing the countryside

available now from SARE, a book about 50 young people [one from each state] who are making a difference in agriculture - free download!

Posted: July 23 2011
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a book about farm workers, Floria and the fast food fruit. Read the Washington Post's review here, the NY Times' here.  

Posted: July 12 2011
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books for the read-in

greenhorns are hosting an agrarian children's book read-in at yale in october. here's one that might make the list.

Posted: June 24 2011
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buy this book

The Reverend Billy Project After many years of stealing away to work on it we are thrilled to announce our new book is really done, and forthcoming from The  University of Michigan Press. Please join us at the release party Monday June 13th, 7 PM at The Housing Works Bookstore & Cafe on Crosby Street. […]

Posted: June 7 2011