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from our bookmaker friends in portland

Posted: August 24 2011
This new edition of a classic in English agrarian lit remains relevant today in the work of the worldwide peasant movement, well represented in the Americas especially by La Via Campesina.

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The True Levellers Standard Advanced by Gerrard Winstanley
The True Levellers Standard Advanced is the 1649 manifesto of a proto-anarchist group  known as The Diggers, who occupied and cultivated waste land in Surrey as a protest against the accelerating enclosures and in an effort to feed some of the landless poor of England. This edition is set in a typeface appropriate to the period of its original publication, and is pleasingly pocket-sized for convenient transportation to the site of your next impromptu community garden.
$5.00 softcover
54 pp.
3 x 5"
View interior pages: 1234
ISBN: 9780987746610 (permalink)
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