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excerpt in the Atlantic

Posted: April 6 2012

hot off the press! this week an essay by Jeff Fisher was excerpted from the snazzy new greenhorns book to The Atlantic magazine's online version. 
"Your hands are going to bleed."
Anne Cure, owner of Cure Organic Farm in Boulder, Colorado, said this softly while looking off into the distance as Jack, one of the other farmers, described the day's task of transplanting thousands of seedlings from the greenhouse into the field. The "bleeding hands" comment was not ill-natured in any way; it was merely a statement of fact, one learned through many springs of transplanting thousands of seedlings into the field. This was the acknowledgment that today the fields were going to be especially tough to plant. It would be a painful process for a new ­farmer's hands.
READ HERE to continue reading the essay by Jeff Fisher, field manager at Cure Organic Farm.

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