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we need your skills!

Posted: April 9 2014
Hi there Greenhorns blog community.Screen shot 2014-04-09 at 3.06.51 PM
Things are moving fast and furious in the Greenhorns basement kitchen.
Yes, we have many projects. We have about sixteen pots on the stove, some on a copper bottomed double boiler with wise, experienced cooks, some with only a thrift-store aluminum pot, half-watched by young interns. Its a loud kitchen!  And there is hot strawberry jam on the tips of all our noses. All of us are working within our own social networks to find the various and multiple skills we need to carry out each grassroots media project, from web-skills, to cinematography, to audio, to graphics, to animations, to fulfillment… It takes this many cooks, and all their friends and former art-school room-mates to pull off this feast.

As it is, we work with a Charlotte's web of super talented, part time, project based and occasional help from an ever widening number of collaborators. Its not totally circular, its not totally straight, but we bob and switch and shunt the graphic files back and forth to get her done. In this way, we hope to keep the style fluid, the work-load light on everyone, and master the spider-swing of distributed dependancy.
As it happens, the almanac is calling a denser kind of web, more of a clover-hovering cobweb-- to bind together the bits and pieces of history, poetry, science fiction and populist cartooning into something coherent and ready to read.   THEREFORE, we are looking to find a few more brave whirllygigging freelancers to join in our posse-- especially working with myself (Severine, Louella, Henry and Hannah on the New Farmers Almanac, but also on a few other projects.  So this is an official call out-- if you've been watching and hankering to get a spoon in the soup, or you know someone talented and farm-loving that might have 2-5 hours per month to log for the cause, or to be paid on a project-basis-- please write to us. [email protected]
We're looking for:
graphic designers
layout mavens


hudson, new york