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hot off the press just in time for the holidays!

The Alaska Young Fishermen's Almanac is the first book project of the Alaska Young Fishermen's Network with support from the Alaska Marine Conservation Council and the Alaska Humanities Forum. Using her experience gleaned from creating our own New Farmer's' Almanac, Severine worked with the Alaskan Young Fisherman on this project and it features art, stories, advice and more from […]

Posted: December 12 2017
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new farmers almanac III release feb 14: preorder while supplies last!

Preorder your copy of the Vol III of New Farmer's Almanac: The Commons for its February 14th release. Because revolution smells way better than imported conventional roses.

Posted: February 6 2017
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announcing the release of the new farmer’s almanac, Volume III!

Time to order your 2017 Greenhorns New Farmer's Almanac! Our third edition, Volume III explores the idea and the potential of the commons.

Posted: January 10 2017
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Greenhorns 2016 Impact Report

  On this winter’s solstice, along with traditions of stoking the hearth and nestling fireside, we thought to drop a line on the past season. In 2016 our Greenhorns network surpassed 62,000 – a community within reach of our media projects, news and inspiration. We are continuously working to broaden and diversify our network of […]

Posted: December 21 2016
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inverness almanac volume 3 – spring/summer 2016. the inverness almanac is a semi-annual print publication project; a record and an artifact for posterity; a collection of practical knowledge and ruminations about our natural world; an outlet for creative expression. the inverness almanac is a reflection of this confluence of place, time and community. an expression of yearning for connection, and for […]

Posted: March 12 2016
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greenhorns almanac still available at powell's books

Click HERE to order.  

Posted: May 22 2014
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we need your skills!

Hi there Greenhorns blog community. Things are moving fast and furious in the Greenhorns basement kitchen. Yes, we have many projects. We have about sixteen pots on the stove, some on a copper bottomed double boiler with wise, experienced cooks, some with only a thrift-store aluminum pot, half-watched by young interns. Its a loud kitchen! […]

Posted: April 9 2014
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last call for image submissions to almanac!

Deadline on these is February 20th!  Here's a great submission from Adam at Juniper Hill Farm: images must be 300dpi resolution and mailed to [email protected] 

Posted: January 23 2014
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farmer sayings: almanac needs your help!

Dear Loyal blog readers. We've got a request today. Brooke is illustrating farmer sayings for the next almanac. And is looking for suggestions from the crowd. " Knee high by the fourth of july" " Make Hay while the sun shines" We 'd love if you could send us some suggestions... email [email protected] Looking forward! […]

Posted: September 1 2013
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almanac history!

The Old Farmer's Almanac -- Agrarian Chic In A High-Tech Age By Jack Smith IT WAS A CLEAR AND MOONLIT NIGHT, claimed the witness, and shortly before midnight he saw the defendant load a rock into his slingshot, take aim, and strike his victim right above the eye, killing him. An excited buzz went up […]

Posted: May 16 2013
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our almanac on boing boing!

Check it out Here's the write-up: Rick Prelinger sez, "Our friends at The Greenhorns, a national organization of young farmers, just published the first (and hopefully not the last) edition of their New Farmer's Almanac, which they call "an entertaining collection of practical advice for farmers and other patriots." Its 300 pages are full of […]

Posted: April 22 2013
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your cooperation in distribution

Hi there folks we love. ITs distribution time! WE need your guidance in getting the 2013 New Farmers Almanac out and about, AK press will be distributing to bookstores-- but we'd really like to get the book to Hardware stores, Feed+ Farm Supply Stores, Coops, Grocceries, and local small businesses. If you have leads in […]

Posted: January 25 2013
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The 2013 New Farmer's Almanac

“Young Farmers of the Apocalypse”The 2013 New Farmer’s Almanac is ready for the future. “Advice and entertainment for those dealing practically with the unknown”   December 21, 2012, Hudson Valley, New York Today, the Greenhorns publication The 2013 New Farmer’s Almanac goes to print for young farmers who intend to build a new food system, one farm at a time. […]

Posted: December 21 2012
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almanac work is getting started

Severine is on the road gathering steam and contributers to the YOUNG FARMERS ALMANAC project. dyer- rebecca beekeeper- sam milk maiden- louella work songer- bennett, creek natural historian- barbara all contributing content to a deeply relevant, entertaining, and radical publication for the generation of new farmers currently staking a claim in the new american economy. […]

Posted: October 24 2011
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shop is set up

almanac posse is starting to gather steam. are you hankering to be on the mailing list? join us by emailing [email protected] please write "ALMANAC" in the subject line

Posted: September 5 2011