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The Davis Gleaning Project

Posted: June 2 2009

good work being done in Davis, CA.
The Gleaning Project’s vision is to continue creating and maintaining a group of passionate students and Davis community members working together to use the surplus of food produced on front lawns, backyard gardens, public spaces and research plots to strengthen our community and our partner communities, instead of letting it go to waste.
Our members are fruit tree owners, gardeners and gleaners who collaborate to harvest and share the fruits of their labor with those in need. The produce that we harvest will be directed towards three different destinations. A portion of the food will be donated to the Food Bank of Yolo County, another portion will be transformed into canned goods (jams, sauces etc.) which will be sold to raise funds for our sister organizations, and the last portion will be used to prepare community meals for the residents of Davis. This powerful project will build reciprocal relationships, use surplus food resources to benefit other communities, and leverage our privilege for social change.
Check out the groups wiki page -  http://daviswiki.org/The_Gleaning_Project
For more info, email [email protected]