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long table harvest (a food rescue organization) needs your help!

Long Table Harvest gleans surplus produce from farms in Columbia County and distribute it to those in need. About 1/4 of the population in Columbia County is food insecure and/or low-income. We are working with 14 distribution sites in the county, half are pantries and the other half are non-profits and community organizations already working […]

Posted: April 20 2016
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new food rescue program in the hudson valley

Long Table Harvest is a farm food rescue program serving low-income residents in Columbia County, NY, co-founded by long-time Greenhorn Audrey Berman. They've partnered with 16 farms in the county to glean surplus produce from June to November and are working with 14 pantries and community based organization to distribute produce to those in need. Columbia […]

Posted: April 13 2016
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forage oakland portland ..any land with trees!

Portland Fruit Tree Project provides a valuable service that helps communities benefit directly from local resources. Fresh fruit that grows on neighborhood trees is collected by volunteers, and dropped off at local Food Banks for distribution to those in need. The great thing about this program is that in large part, the fruit would not […]

Posted: January 14 2011
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The Davis Gleaning Project

good work being done in Davis, CA. The Gleaning Project’s vision is to continue creating and maintaining a group of passionate students and Davis community members working together to use the surplus of food produced on front lawns, backyard gardens, public spaces and research plots to strengthen our community and our partner communities, instead of […]

Posted: June 2 2009