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plant more trees, if only for the glowing geckos!

Hey, we mostly all know by now that trees are pretty nifty things. But, did you know that some scientists are using the migration patterns of glowing geckos to prove just how important trees are in the protection of both flora and fauna on your farm? What better way to show that climate change is […]

Posted: December 7 2016
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a gut feeling

Last August we shared a New York Times piece on a new and growing body of research that suggests that the bacteria living in the human digestive track plays an intricate role in the production of hormones and regulation of mood. Research featured in that article found a correlation between certain strains of bacteria and […]

Posted: January 17 2016
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USDA scientists suspended in connection to his research on monarchs

Sit back, friends. I've got a story for you. (Spoiler alert, it involves pesticides, pollinators, USDA protection of Big Ag interests, and the failure of the US government to protect whistleblowers.) “Politics inside USDA have made entomology a high risk specialty.” In early 2015, USDA scientist, Dr. Jonathon Lundgren submitted his research on pesticides and pollinators […]

Posted: November 29 2015
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justified paranoia of scientists

A VALUABLE REPUTATION After Tyrone Hayes said that a chemical was harmful, its maker pursued him. By Rachel Aviv for The New Yorker; February 10, 2014 In 2001, seven years after joining the biology faculty of the University of California, Berkeley, Tyrone Hayes stopped talking about his research with people he didn’t trust. He instructed the students […]

Posted: April 1 2014