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"ditching NAFTA" may hurt american farmers, but which ones?

This NPR report suggests that leaving NAFT could hurt American farmers, but we wonder if it could actually help small-scale agriculture.

Posted: February 17 2017
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farmers: in advocating to your eaters 

   Here's some good evidence about how NAFTA undermines farmers, not only  domestically, but also in the countries where we " free trade" This article from The Nation focuses on pigs, who eat corn.  For nearly two decades, Smithfield has used NAFTA and the forces it unleashed to become the world’s largest packer and processor of […]

Posted: July 25 2015
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free trade & the american diet

An NPR piece from a few weeks ago. The Fruits Of Free Trade: How NAFTA Revamped The American Diet by TED ROBBINS, January 09, 2014 Walk through the produce section of your supermarket and you'll see things you'd never have seen years ago — like fresh raspberries or green beans in the dead of winter. Much […]

Posted: January 31 2014