Hudson Valley Seed Library

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the seed we need: there's not enough

Can organic farmers build strong, resilient, local SEED economies? Seed Hack, anyone?

Posted: March 7 2017
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seedy documentary

featuring our friends at the Hudson Valley Seed Library among others. First chance to see it will be on Earth Day in NYC- but ONLY if they pre-sell enough tickets on Gathr. About 60 tickets left to go before they guarantee the screening. Sign up!

Posted: April 6 2014
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$250 bonus for growing out seed

For our friends are the Hudson Valley Seed Library. Seems like a pretty useful bit of subsidy.  Even if the slots are filled for the cash it's worth participating. Dear Growers, Greetings from the Hudson Valley Seed Library! You're receiving this e-mail because you have expressed interest at some point (as recently as yesterday, as […]

Posted: March 20 2013
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farm jobs at the seed library

Two Excellent opportunities, greenhorns.  The Hudson Valley Seed Library is a special place. FARMER or FARM COUPLE Seeking experienced farmer or farm couple with a minimum of 2 years farm management and 4-5 years organic growing experience to continue growing on 1+ acres already in no till production while developing an addition 20+ acres for […]

Posted: January 22 2013
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seed saving workshop

Growing for Future Sowing: Saving Quality Seed from Your Farm's Fields Date:  August 28, 2012 Location: Hudson Valley Seed Library: 484 Mettacohonts Rd., Accord, NY 12404 (Ulster Co) Time: 3:30 PM-6:00 PM If you’d like to start saving seed on your small diversified organic farm, this field day will offer you a strong foundation.  A tour of the […]

Posted: August 22 2012
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home to the head lettuce

oh gloriousness. from our friend natsuko!  She is in france -- and she found this for us: Next point. we have lettuce seeds, head lettuces mostly including speckled trout seed. Packed and processed by our homies over at HUDSON VALLEY SEED LIBRARY -- grown by Smithereen farm + the Greenhorns. Purchase some here oh yes. […]

Posted: February 3 2010
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greenhorns seeds!

We grew Spotted Trout Lettuce last summer on our little farm, and saved the seeds - now you can buy them from our friends at Hudson Valley Seed Library. Celebrate the Greenhorns! Library Pack : Grown by Smithereen Farm Eligible for Membership Deal $2.75 / $2.25 for members These seeds came from Smithereen Farm, home […]

Posted: January 19 2010
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seed library catalog

from our friends at the hudson valley seed library: Our Full 2010 Seed Catalog is now online! New for 2010 This year we have expanded our offerings, printed more packs, and grown and processed more of our own seed. We now have three kinds of seed packs to help our customers distinguish between our seed […]

Posted: January 11 2010
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seed library events

more from our friends at the Hudson Valley Seed Library! It's cozy in here. Which is a feeling, I regret to say, that only happens when it's cold outside. Right now Doug, his mom Nancy, our neighbor Linda-Brook, and I are all in our tiny house surrounded by seeds, spoons of various shapes and sizes, […]

Posted: October 6 2009
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artists wanted

Any artistic hudson valley-based greenhorns out there?  The Hudson Valley Seed Library is seeking artists to illustrate their seed packs!  Read on... Hello from Seedy Farm! I'm excited to say that the Hudson Valley Seed Library is going to offer more Art Packs in our next seed catalog. Please help us in our search for […]

Posted: June 29 2009
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Hudson Valley Seed Library Happenings

The Hudson Valley Seed Library is rockin' & rollin' this Spring. Lots of events, tips & opportunities. Catch Ken Greene this weekend at the Brooklyn Food Conference - Greenhorns will be there too!

Posted: April 30 2009
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Hudson Valley Seed Library Events

We love the Hudson Valley Seed Library. Here's the latest event list from Ken Greene: Art Opening Saturday, April 11th, 4-6pm Kaaterskill Fine Arts Gallery at the Catskill Mountain Foundation. I'll be giving a talk at 5pm. The show will be up throughout April. Market Saturday, April 18th We'll be selling our seeds outside the […]

Posted: April 8 2009