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yikes! 'human pet food' scandal in brazil

The Guardian wrote an article recently about the 'human pet food' scandal that is currently unfolding in Brazil. "Prosecutors in Brazil’s biggest city have opened an inquiry into a controversial plan to feed poorer citizens and schoolchildren with a flour made out of food close to its sell-by date that critics have described as “human […]

Posted: October 25 2017
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the brazilian landless people's movement and education Sebastian Betancourt The history, philosophy, principles and methodology One of the lessons learnt by the Brazilian Landless Peoples’ Movement (MST) is that the claim to land is only meaningful if it is linked to all human and social rights, including the right to education. Starting in 1987, the MST therefore developed a specific strand […]

Posted: April 15 2016
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belo horizonte, brazil: the city that beat hunger

From the World Future Council

Posted: November 13 2014
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video on agroforestry fundamentals: a must watch for all

A Swiss-born man named Ernst Gotsch has spent the past 30 years developing an agroforestry system based on the natural succession of species and soil improvement in Brazil. He has developed and refined a technique of planting which can be applied to different ecosystems, but his actions in Bahia, Brazil have lead to the complete […]

Posted: July 24 2014
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mission to brazil

The Movimento dos Trabalhdores Rurais Sem Terra (MST) will be holding its Sixth Congress in February, 2014 amidst its celebration of 30 years of struggle for agrarian reform, social justice and democracy. The movement's 2 million members have spent the last year preparing, debating and discussing in preparation for this historic gathering. Mobilizing 15,000 movement leaders […]

Posted: December 3 2013