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mission to brazil

Posted: December 3 2013

The Movimento dos Trabalhdores Rurais Sem Terra (MST) will be holding its Sixth Congress in February, 2014 amidst its celebration 6th Congress Bannerof 30 years of struggle for agrarian reform, social justice and democracy. The movement's 2 million members have spent the last year preparing, debating and discussing in preparation for this historic gathering. Mobilizing 15,000 movement leaders in the capitol Brasilia, the MST will gather to debate and discuss the challenges and next steps in building a more just and equitable Brazil.
The MST is a global leader of social movements of the poor through its leadership in various international movement networks such as Via Campesina International.  In the last 30 years, MST has reclaimed 17 million acres of land, which is equivalent to the size of Uruguay. The MST's Sixth National Congress is a space for celebration, exchange and learning for movement leaders around the world.
Events like this are the most important gathering for any social movement, because they can re-energize the members and allies and help to mobilize more people around the issues of agrarian reform and food sovereignty in Brazil
More than ever, we need a strong movement like MST. The MST has been fiercely criminalized by local oligarchies and their international allies in the agribusiness sector. The organization of the 6th Congress will be a public response of the strength of the largest peasant movement in the American continent.
Nevertheless, it takes a lot of resources to hold the Congress. The MST needs funds for transportation, food and lodging. We are reaching out to you because of your knowledge and support of MST in the past. We ask for a contribution towards the organization of the Sixth Congress.
We have set a goal of raising $10,000 for the Congress.  We have set up a special donation through a Crowdtilt website.  You can access the website by clicking on this icon:FMST bannner
For more information on the Sixth Congress and prior MST Congresses, click HERE.

hudson, new york