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op-ed: what the farmers’ revolution in india says about big ag in the us and worldwide

From CIVIL EATS BY INDRA SHEKHAR SINGH MARCH 1, 2021 Farmers in India are engaged in nearly the same fight U.S. farmers waged 40 years ago—against the same corporate interests.  Spring has finally come to Delhi after a harsh winter. Yellow mustard fields are gravid with seed, and adolescent green wheat ears dance to the sound […]

Posted: March 2 2021
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the family farm bulks up

Lon Frahm may represent the future of farming. Inside a two-story office building overshadowed by 80-foot steel grain bins, he points to a map showing the patchwork of square and circular fields that make up his operation. It covers nearly 10% of the county's cropland, and when he climbs into his Cessna Skylane to check […]

Posted: October 28 2017
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call for film submissions for change making tool-kits

Inspire food activists around the country: submit your film now!

Posted: March 20 2017
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what kind of farming will we have in the next century??

[youtube] Seriously, we really want to know, and so do these film makers. Specifically, they're focussing on the chicken industry, asking, if chicken is America’s favorite meat, generating more than $30 billion a year in revenue, but who benefits from this multi-billion dollar industry? Spoiler alert! It's not the farmers. This is a story […]

Posted: October 18 2016
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throw away the teflon, use cast iron

There have been several stories lately about the poisons of teflon and the down-right corruption from DuPont (influencing the EPA, among other agencies). There is currently a corporate lawyer battling it out with DuPont in order to get the many people affected by the manufacturing of teflon their settlement, but there's a long way to […]

Posted: February 11 2016
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mark baker's update to his recent farm raid

This could be any small diversified farmer. Greenhorns far and wide, stay updated on this situation. Share it broadly. Make a fuss. Start a conversation. SPREAD THIS FAR AND WIDE. SOCIAL MEDIA NEEDS TO COME TO HIS RESCUE.

Posted: December 21 2015
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rewild! escape from monomania

Rewild! Escape from Monomania by: George Monbiot October 17, 2015, Rural America Most human endeavours, unless checked by public dissent, evolve into monocultures. Money seeks out a region’s comparative advantage—the field in which it competes most successfully—and promotes it to the exclusion of all else. Every landscape or seascape, if this process is loosed, performs […]

Posted: October 20 2015
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for the mommies, grandmommies, someday mommies, and everyone who cares about mommies and babies

[ted id=1356] Lest we forget why we care so much about this whole sustainable ag movement... Tyronne Hayes and Penelope Jagessar Chagger on "The Toxic Baby," or how the chemicals in our world-- especially in our food-- affect our unborn children. AGRICULTURAL REFORM HAS NEVER BEEN MORE IMPORTANT.

Posted: October 11 2015
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food waste and folly

Although his jokes are goofy, he makes some very important points. Thank you for bringing these issues to the mainstream, John Oliver.

Posted: October 6 2015
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gmo free and still doing big buisness

As you can read in the article below, Chipotle is at the top of fast food restaurants in sales, beating out KFC, Taco Bell, and Pizza Hut. They are the leading the trend for sustainable fast food that we also see as Amy's Organic opens a drive-thru and Applegate shows up at rest stops next […]

Posted: August 25 2015
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last week tonight with john oliver uses footage from "the sharecroppers"

Our friend Jonathan Shepard is a documentary film maker who is the mastermind behind "The Sharecroppers." Recently, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver borrowed some of his chicken footage for their amazing piece. Check out both videos!

Posted: May 29 2015
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artistic advocacy for prison reform

What do milk and jails have to do with each other? Check out this short video to find out!

Posted: August 1 2014
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nyt review of "farmland" the movie

By Jeannette Catsoulis of the New York Times May 8, 2014 “Bad behavior is pretty rare in our industry,” one of the six young farmers profiled in “Farmland” tells us. Though he doesn’t elaborate, his comment’s lack of detail and depth is typical of a film that plays more like a feature-length advertisement than like a documentary. You […]

Posted: May 10 2014
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book: the meat racket, the secret takeover of america's food business

In The Meat Racket, investigative reporter Christopher Leonard delivers the first-ever account of how a handful of companies have seized the nation’s meat supply. He shows how they built a system that puts farmers on the edge of bankruptcy, charges high prices to consumers, and returns the industry to the shape it had in the 1900s […]

Posted: February 23 2014