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solar farm in oregon tackling fossil fuel dependence and colony loss

SolarCulture (a PineGate Renewables project), is an initiative developed to enhance environmental stewardship, promote sustainable agriculture, and collaborate with the community to support research with a goal of encouraging smarter solar through science. They have just recently opened a solar apiary in Jackson County, Oregon. The project is two pronged, it aims to tackle both […]

Posted: July 26 2018
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oh boy! check out this treasure trove of apiary wisdom.

Once upon a time in a land... not so far from Seattle... lived a man, his wife and their two beautiful young daughters. One day the man came to his wife and proclaimed that he wanted to be a beekeeper. The wife, completely bewildered by his announcement, looked at her husband and demanded: “WHY on Earth, […]

Posted: December 13 2017
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learn about the history and anthropology of mead with this awesome mead-zine

Check out this awesome zine about making mead sent to us by our friend Jonathan Tanis. It starts with an introduction contextualising fermentation as a political act which is both democratizing and embraces the commons, bubbling away with "unrealized possibility" for forming human connections and alliances. It then moves on to explain the historical and […]

Posted: October 5 2017
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calling all artists: remembrance day for lost species needs your help!

The ONCA are looking for contributions for Remembrance Day for Lost Species 2017. Human created pollution, climate change and deforestation is causing unprecedented species loss. 40% of the wildlife on earth has disappeared in the last 40 years. Remembrance Day for Lost Species is a chance each year to learn and tell the stories of species […]

Posted: July 7 2017
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largest field study of its kind shows that pesticide use is killing bees.

We posted last week about a study carried out on bee populations in NNY and the effects that pathogens and parasites are having on bee populations in the region, however it seems as though bee health is the flavour of the month as another, much larger study has just been released which studied the effects […]

Posted: July 3 2017
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Northern NY Bee Health Survey Results Reveal Insights Into Colony Loss.

  Bee colony loss is an increasingly serious issue for the entire beekeeping industry causing in some cases an unsustainable loss of 1/3 of beekeepers operations. In response to increasing levels of colony loss, the first ever survey of parasites and pathogens in regional bee colonies has just been carried out and released by the […]

Posted: June 27 2017
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more reasons why bees are awesome

New research demonstrates bees pack more smarts into their tiny little brains than we thought.

Posted: March 2 2017
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md is the first state to ban bee killing pesticides for consumer use

Neonicotinoids are a newer class of insecticides that are chemically related to nicotine. Like nicotine, they act on certain receptors in the central nervous system. In insects, they cause paralysis and death. After becoming concerned about the use of neonicotinoids and the health risks they pose to bees, as well as local waterways and other […]

Posted: April 8 2016
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sting of the bee, canton, ny, feb 24

Join us for this informal monthly gathering of bee enthusiasts - a chat fest of beekeeping information! We meet on the LAST Wednesday of every month - mark your calendars!  See details below. All are welcome!  No experience necessary, though if you're really new to it, reading up some before you come is a good […]

Posted: February 21 2016
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monsanto's plan to help the honeybee In 2011 Monsanto, the maker of herbicides and genetically engineered seeds, bought an Israeli company called Beeologics, which had developed an RNA interference technology that can be fed to bees through sugar water. The idea is that when a nurse bee spits this sugar water into each cell of a honeycomb where a queen […]

Posted: December 4 2015
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sweet little cherry bombe

[youtube] Trailer for 2013 film More Than Honey about colony collapse in honey bees. The film has won a number of international awards and is rated 100% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes. 

Posted: November 29 2015
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2016 apprenticeships in regenerative agriculture in the american west

Starting a career in regenerative agriculture? Want to develop technical skills in grassfed beef production, dairy management and cheesemaking, or heirloom fruit tree cultivation and holistic orchard management? The wonderful folks at the Quivira Coalition are seeking applicants for their New Agrarian Program's eight-month (March to Nov 2016) on-site apprenticeships at San Jaun Ranch in Alamosa, CO; James Ranch […]

Posted: October 25 2015
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more bad news on bees

An older article (July 2013), but worth a read. Scientists discover what’s killing the bees and it’s worse than you thought By Todd Woody,  July 24, 2013 As we’ve written before, the mysterious mass die-off of honey bees that pollinate $30 billion worth of crops in the US has so decimated America’s apis mellifera population […]

Posted: February 5 2014
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save the honeybees

A note from the folks at Greenpeace: Scientists have linked a powerful class of pesticides called “neonics” to increases in bee die-offs. Due in part to these deadly toxic chemicals, 31% of hives in the United States collapsed this past winter alone. Last month millions across Europe spoke up for the bees and pressured the European […]

Posted: June 24 2013
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more than honey

[vimeo] In MORE THAN HONEY, director Markus Imhoof tackles the vexing issue of why bees, worldwide, are facing extinction. With the tenacity of a man out to solve a world-class mystery, he investigates this global phenomenon, from California to Switzerland, China and Australia. Exquisite macro-photography of the bees in flight and in their hives […]

Posted: May 26 2013
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apiary position

French Hill Apiaries, begun in 1974 and located in the northern Champlain Valley of Vermont and New York, is one of the largest and most successful beekeeping operations in New England. We produce high quality liquid and comb honey that is sold throughout the region. My apiary is also noted for producing exceptional, locally adapted […]

Posted: January 30 2013
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big apple beekeeping

via Borough Bees! Big Apple Apiary Beekeeping Apprenticeship Brand new rooftop apiary seeks 12 beekeeping apprentices for the 2012 bee season (April through October or November). Working in small teams, our apprentices will gain hands-on experience in both basic and advanced beekeeping techniques, with a focus on treatment-free and organic beekeeping, and have the opportunity […]

Posted: March 12 2012
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honey men

A video from Mickey Murch [vimeo]

Posted: February 13 2012
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backwards beekeepers nyc chapter

Check them out HERE Our first meeting will take place THIS THURSDAY at Brooklyn Grange, the country's largest green roof and rooftop farm. Sam Comfort of Anarchy Apiaries will be there with us talking about a new pay-it-forward bee program and we will talk a little about why "Backwards is the new forwards". 

Posted: August 17 2011
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beekeeping with a wild heart @ Frey Vineyards

"If the bee disappears from the surface of the earth, man would have no more than four years to live. No more bees, no more pollination, no more plants, no more animals, no more man." - Albert Einstein BEEKEEPING WITH A WILD HEART PLEASE JOIN US FOR A DAY OF OBSERVATION AND EXPLORATION OF THE […]

Posted: June 6 2011