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a growing culture: indigenize! broadcast recording

RECORDED EVENT LINK HERE This past Indigenous Peoples' Day, A Growing Culture held a full day of virtual events of speakers and conversations to celebrate and learn from Indigenous voices who are leading and organizing toward a food sovereign future. A Growing Culture is "an online agroecology knowledge base for global farmers, advancing a culture […]

Posted: October 26 2020
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Soul Fire Farm's action steps and policy platform for food sovereignty

Soul Fire Farm's action steps and policy platform for food sovereignty [pdf]: CHECK OUT this incredible resource and guide for addressing and dismantling racism in the food system, galvanizing the movement for land and racial justice, written by the illustrious folks at Soul Fire Farm. Thank you to Nora Feldhusen, Organizing Committee Member of the […]

Posted: June 14 2020
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the people's agroecology process

A NEW PUBLICATION! published on WhyHunger, and co-authored by grassroots organizations in the Caribbean and North America: The People’s Agroecology Process: Unlocking Our Power Through Agroecology // [pdf] You can download the publication in English and Spanish. Text from WhyHunger: "Six years of experience under their belt, grassroots organizations launched this year a new publication describing their path […]

Posted: June 12 2020
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towards deep agroecology

"Farms are the foundation of civilization, and our civilization is fragmenting. In light of this, we must focus on the work of building a new agrarian foundation. This is an urgent mission and agroecology is fitted for the challenge." -- Steven McFadden The Ecologist recently published this succinct and enlightening article TOWARDS DEEP AGROECOLOGY by Steven […]

Posted: May 6 2020
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Online Permaculture and Agroecology summer courses at the University of Vermont

The University of Vermont’s (UVM) Plant and Soil Science Department (PSS) and the Agroecology & Livelihoods Collaborative (ALC) will be offering two online courses this summer. The courses are PSS 156: Permaculture and PSS 311: Introduction to Agroecology.  PSS 311 is the first required course for the Certificate of Graduate Study in Agroecology (CGSA) (can be taken as a stand-alone for […]

Posted: April 22 2020
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#StayHomeButNotSilent - In times of pandemic, peasants are united to feed the people

APRIL 17, 2020 – CALL FOR MOBILISATION – INTERNATIONAL DAY OF PEASANTS’ STRUGGLE (Reprint from La Via Campesina): On April 17, La Via Campesina will commemorate the International Day of Peasants’ Strugglei in a context that once again validates the historical role of the peasantry in societies and their fundamental task of feeding the people, even […]

Posted: April 5 2020
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Foraging Adventures with Healing Ecosystems! SF Bay-Area, February 23, 2020

Learn to safely identify, forage & cook local plants & fungi in a beautiful outdoor setting. Sample tasty foraged foods from the ecosystem on Sunday, February 23, 2020 from 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM PST. Get your ticket, here! Winter rains bring plentiful foraging opportunities from choice greens to delicious mushrooms. Our foraging adventure will […]

Posted: February 3 2020
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Northeast Healthy Soil Network: Symposium February 20-21

The Northeast Healthy Soil Network Presents: Agriculture and Climate in the Northeast: Soil and Ecosystem Health Register here today! The Northeast Healthy Soil Network will strengthen and aid the healthy soil movement in the Northeast region by fostering communication and collaboration. Building on an initial conference in April 2019, the 2020 Symposium will bring together policymakers, […]

Posted: January 27 2020
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growing rice in maine!

Check out this awesome rice growing project in Maine by Wild Folk Farm. Their goal is to get as many farmers and folks eating and growing rice throughout Maine, the Maritimes, and the Northeast. They are developing an educational, research and commercialized rice operation as currently there are no commercial rice growers in the state, and […]

Posted: November 8 2017
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a mushroom with a story

A journey through the underworld of life and capitalism to find inspiration in precarious places.

Posted: April 7 2017
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the open source ethos in agroecology

A great read on open source in agroecology-- its history, potential, and-- ultimately-- its utter necessity.

Posted: April 5 2017
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how the wolves saved yellowstone: a lesson in keystone species

A lesson in keystone species and biodiversity. When wolves are reintroduced to Yellowstone, incredible changes occur.

Posted: January 5 2017
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revolutions start from the bottom: film series on agricultural solutions to climate change

[vimeo 173969073 w=640 h=360] Unbroken Ground from Patagonia Provisions on Vimeo. Film maker Chris Malloy asks, how can different aspects of agriculture and our food economy alter to change our relationships to our land and our oceans.

Posted: December 20 2016
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Ojai CITRUS HAPPENINGS next weekend!

Hey Greenhorns...What is the Future of Citrus? Have you been wondering? We're sponsoring two great events this weekend in Ojai related to this question.   Saturday 23rd April 2pm Community Rights Workshop at Oak Grove School with Javan Briggs Sunday 24th April 2pm Citrus Grafting working at Poco Farm with John Valenzuela RSVP HERE. Specifically, we're asking: All these commodity […]

Posted: April 19 2016
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just food? conference, march 25-26, cambridge

JUST FOOD? FORUM ON LAND USE, RIGHTS AND ECOLOGY A CONFERENCE EXPLORING LAND AND THE FOOD SYSTEM: HOW LAND AFFECTS WHAT WE EAT, WHO WE ARE, AND THE ENVIRONMENT WE LIVE IN March 25–26, 2016 Wasserstein Hall, Harvard Law School, Cambridge, Massachusetts This year's Just Food? conference will examine the relationship between people and land, primarily […]

Posted: March 17 2016
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amazing european organization and ahead of the game when it comes to land access!

Our organizations work together to strengthen practical knowledge - on both problems and solutions - in the field of access to land for agroecological farmers. We thereby aim to promote the emergence and consolidation of grassroots initiatives, working towards securing access to land and land stewardship, as well as fostering a broader evolution of national […]

Posted: October 29 2015
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food movements, agroecology and the future of food and farming

From OUR LAND presenter Eric Holt-Gimenez, of Food First

Posted: April 10 2014