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sowing the seeds of food sovereignty.

Posted: June 28 2017

The mission of A Growing Culture is "supporting farmers to reshape the food system" to ensure that the future of agriculture is just, sustainable  and supportive of farmers. We are very excited about the wide range of resources they have to support farmers, not least their much anticipated Library for Food Sovereignty. The library, due for release in the late summer or early autumn of 2017, will include stories of farmer led innovations from around the world, local knowledge, grassroots farming movements and technical and environmental resources.

The Vice President of A Growing Culture, Freya Yost, recently spoke to Food Tank about their work and their approach to the farmers movement. She explained that A Growing Culture recognises the potential for farmers themselves to discover bottom-up solutions to the complex problems that we face rather than relying on market or charity solutions which often fail to understand the complexity of interlinked transdisciplinary issues that arise in agriculture. They support and encourage solutions from smallholders in addressing some of the most serious global issues today from climate change, soil degradation and the challenge of feeding the world  to gender issues and combating the decline of rural communities.
Freya offers fascinating insights into the issues surrounding the concept of food security in a globalized world which has led to an unparalleled disconnect between people and their food supply chain. The vast majority of consumers in the western world have lost touch with the land that provides their food. Their main connection to the food system comes in the form sterile supermarket aisles and perfectly uniform produce wrapped in plastic.
For more information about A Growing Culture click here and to read the full Food Tank interview with Freya Yost, Vice President of A Growing Culture, click here.