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rooted in community conference!

Posted: May 28 2008

The California Conference Planning Team is very pleased to announce that registration for RIC’s 10th Annual Conference is now open!!  You can find the complete registration packet by following the link this link (conference registration).  If you are a member of the Rooted in Community listserv, you can also find the packet on the Shared Documents page.  (To join the list serve, send an email to [email protected].)


Here is the basic information:


The 10th Annual Conference will take will take place July 23-27 in the San Francisco Bay Area.  RIC has deep roots in the Bay Area, and we will celebrate the contributions of several of the people and organizations that started RIC.  The San Francisco Bay Area is home to many innovative, creative food and environmental justice organizations and extraordinary groups of youth and adults working together to achieve food justice.