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new single horse implement

Posted: January 17 2012

We're happy to help spread the word about this new tool!  For all you fans of draft power.
Anny’s All in One
This multi-purpose implement is based on a french design, but Ann of Siri and Holmberg [ [email protected] ] designed it to improve it for use with a single draft animal or smaller team. One of the key features is for the tool work off-center of draft; meaning your animal can walk between the crop rows while the tool works in the crop row.  This would be useful in hilling or harvesting potatoes or even setting up planting beds.

One of the reasons we took on this project was to accommodate those small farmers who do not want to own a tractor or feed a team of full size draft horses.  This tool would be ideal for a couple of acres or less of row crops.  The tool will be available with discs for hilling, a simple plow, potato plow, harrow and other standard tools as needed.  Changing tools does not require hand tools and the tool angle can be changed while you are working.
Additionally - this tool will be strong enough to use behind a full sized draft horse or a team doing work suitable to its function, but when stored it will not take up much room and will be easily transported.  The tool angle, handlebar height and angle can be changed while working. Unlike riding tools, Anny’s All in One will be easier to use on slopes and hills.
This is a quality, US made tool built to last and not constructed of found objects or recycled parts.
In this video, a Anny's All in One is being demonstrated. Three more demonstration videos can be seen here , here and here.  It will tentatively be used and available for sale in a trial at Lynn Miller’s Small Farm Journal Auction in Oregon in 2012.

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