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a guide to sharing farm equipment

Faith Gilbert has just released her Guide to Sharing Farm Equipment, a 42-page guidebook intended for farmers, service providers, cooperators, and organizers of shared equipment pools. The guidebook covers a wide array of practical concerns for equipment sharing. It includes case studies, a review of ownership and management arrangements, financial considerations, annotated budgets, best practices, as well as […]

Posted: May 21 2018
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if you wanted to track your local wind patterns...

A great tool for those of us who a. love beautiful interactive maps, and b. rely on up-to-date weather information.

Posted: April 12 2017
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solutions for self reliance

  RESILIENCE is a community where people who pursue self-reliance and freedom come to get ideas on: Growing and Preserving Food Capturing, Storing and Purifying Water Generating Your Own Energy Building Your Mortgage-Free Home (On or Off-Grid) Appropriate Technology & Tools for Self-Reliance Getting Resilient and Prepared for the Unexpected

Posted: August 19 2015
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farmer voices

Farmer voices is a podcast series on Give this episode a listen: Young Farmer's Sustainable Agriculture Tool Lending Library and explore their new website and other entertainment offerings.

Posted: July 13 2015
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our favorite french DIY cooperative

If you can read French, this is a great resource from the folks at L'Atelier Paysan.  If French looks like gobbledygook to you, this website is still worth an exploration (read: random clicking) because what they are doing is awesome. Check it out HERE! (Hint: "outils" means "tools" in French).

Posted: July 19 2014
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new single horse implement

We're happy to help spread the word about this new tool!  For all you fans of draft power. [youtube=] Anny’s All in One This multi-purpose implement is based on a french design, but Ann of Siri and Holmberg [ [email protected] ] designed it to improve it for use with a single draft animal or smaller team. […]

Posted: January 17 2012
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have you heard of the jang seeder?

Local Roots Farm talks about their experience: You can purchase the seeder through Johnny's Selected Seeds HERE. And HERE is a tech sheet on the rollers.

Posted: January 9 2012