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just label it update / new infographic

Posted: March 10 2012
The next three weeks are critical to the national Just Label It campaign for genetically engineered (GE) food labeling and here is an update:
  • With only three weeks left until March 27, when the FDA must respond publicly to the petition calling for GE-foods labeling, the national Just Label It campaign is launching a major push to flood the FDA with an unprecedented one million comments.  As of today, the petition has already generated a record 900,000 comments, the most comments generated on a food petition in FDA history.
  • The three-week March push kicks off today with the launch of Just Label It’s “Right to Know” Infographic.  Designed to explain GE foods and the need for labeling, the educational tool includes a link to the Just Label It website where consumers can submit a comment to the FDA.  Convenient for sharing on-line and via social media, the infographic is being distributed nationally by Just Label It’s 500 diverse partner organizations. Please help us share this graphic online, via Facebook/Twitter. (Sample tweet here: NEW @JustLabelIt #infographic on the right to know how food is produced & why we need to label #GMOs http://bit.ly/wixAic)
  • On March 27, Just Label It will announce the final comments total, as well as the findings of a national public opinion survey on GE food labeling, and its plans for the next phase of the campaign.
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