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if you butcher, they will come - raymond, wa

Posted: December 23 2010
Monday January 17th, join Farmstead Meatsmith and Granny's Farm in Raymond WA for a full-day course of pork butchery and charcuterie.  We will start at 9am, break for a farm lunch provided by the magnanimous Sandy Bradley and continue until we are done!
This is a hands-on class, so be prepared to break down a pig carcass, stuff sausage and cure some pig cheeks and bellies.  We won't stop until every ounce of pork is transformed into fatty and delicious charcuterie.
Contact [email protected] for class details and [email protected] to reserve a spot.  One ticket is $100 for the whole day.  Lunch is included!  Plan on being covered in porcine abundance from 9:00 - 5:00.
Brandon and Lauren Sheard
raymond, wa