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free produce movement

Posted: December 1 2015

As we approach the holidays ever deeper, we must question what we are buying and gifting to our loved ones. Where did your gift come from? Who made it? Does it have a story? Is it a story that you want to be telling?
I went to The Mall yesterday with my mother, bless her, and was genuinely disturbed. I saw a blue and white shirt with the star of david on it that read: "why get gifts one day, when you can get gifts for eight days." This shirt was made in Bangladesh. I thought of the people involved in the making of this shirt, and felt sick to my stomach.
Anyway, I vowed right then and there to boycott against goods that are produced by slave labor (food, clothing, useless crap). I vow to support companies that treat their employees with dignity and pay them a living wage. I vow to be conscious in my purchasing this holiday season (and every season).
Then I read THIS! about the Free Produce Movement and I remembered that the fight is long and hard, but we must keep standing up for what is right.