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carly apprenticeships

Posted: March 8 2010

all positions have been filled for now, but this is an amazing program - one to keep your eyes on. It's a project of the Quivera Coalition.

Conservation and Ranching Leadership and Youth (CARLY)
CARLY: There are few challenges more important at this moment in time than encouraging the next generation of leaders in conservation and ranching; and few are more daunting than creating the opportunities they need to learn from mentors and put new knowledge to work. The Quivira Coalition and the San Juan Ranch are taking measures to present these types of opportunities to eager learners.
In 2009, The Quivira Coalition, a conservation non-profit in Santa Fe, NM, and the San Juan Ranch, a sustainable ranching operation in the San Luis Valley of CO, have partnered to launch CARLY, which offers Apprenticeship opportunities for people interested in the intersection of conservation and ranching. CARLY is a leadership development program that looks to pair eager learner Apprentices with experienced Mentors in conservation-minded ranching operations. We seek applicants with a diversity of experiences and a sincere commitment to a career in sustainable agriculture.
THE SAN JUAN RANCH: The San Juan Ranch, owned by George Whitten and Julie Sullivan, is located in the San Luis Valley of south central Colorado. George is a third generation rancher in the San Luis Valley. As a consultant in Holistic Management, George is motivated by his experience that ranching and conservation are inherently intertwined. Julie has a master's degree in environmental education, and worked for 10 years as a professor in Audubon's Expedition Institute (through Lesley University). Both have a passion for teaching. Together they have developed a successful business model. Their animals are grassfed from start to finish, and their beef is certified organic. In addition, George and Julie are knowledgeable about rangeland health, and have been trained in low stress livestock handling.
NEW RANCH MANAGER APPRENTICE POSITION: In cooperation with The Quivira Coalition, George and Julie have designed and begun implementing a comprehensive curriculum for the CARLY program. Apprentices will have exposure to animal husbandry, range health monitoring, pasture rotation planning, Holistic Management, finishing process for grass-fed animals, herding, road restoration/maintenance, range infrastructure maintenance, marketing grass-finished beef, business planning, low-stress livestock handling and small-scale gardening. In addition, the curriculum may include other professional development opportunities, such as attendance at relevant conferences and workshops.
THE APPLICATION: Please find the application below. Answer the questions in a separate Word or pdf document, and return your completed application with a copy of your resume to Ms. Avery Anderson (CARLY Program Director) at The Quivira Coalition. You may send the two documents via email ([email protected]) or post mail: 1413 Second St., Suite 1, Santa Fe, NM 87505. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call Avery: (505) 820-2544, Ext. 5#.
Please take time to answer all of the questions, even if your previous experiences (or lack thereof) might make some questions challenging for you. And feel free to tell us stories about things you've accomplished as a means of demonstrating your skill set. Answer each question honestly, rather than trying to sell yourself. We want to be sure that Apprentices at the San Juan Ranch find what they are looking for (i.e. opportunities to learn, grow, meet career goals, etc..). Similarly, we want to be sure that the San Juan Ranch is getting the right person for their operation. Thus, we've designed a thorough application process that should help all parties in getting to know one another better.
Some questions might require more explanation than others, but in general, please try to limit your response to each question to three paragraphs or less.
As a reminder, the CARLY Apprenticeship is for a minimum of 12 months, with a possible extension of an additional 12 months. When you apply - please be ready to make that first 12 month commitment.
We look forward to hearing from you, and are eager to help in any way during the application process!
ALL POSITIONS HAVE BEEN FILLED AT THIS TIME. Check back for more CARLY updates soon! Thanks so much!
--The San Juan Ranch & The Quivira Coalition*