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ranch job opportunities from New Agrarian Program

NEW AGRARIAN PROGRAM 101 Join the next NAP informational calls to learn more about becoming an agrarian apprentice! CALL INFO: AUGUST 19TH 6-7:30PM MT JOB BOARD C&R Ranch, Paskenta, CA - They are hiring a NAP apprentice for the winter season. More info here.  Canyon Meadows Ranch, Salt Lake City, UT -  Hiring an employee to sell grassfed […]

Posted: August 3 2020
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the story of the texas xit ranch

In the 1880s, the XIT ranch was the largest range in the world under fence and it all laid in the Texas Panhandle. It's three million acres sprawled across ten counties in Texas. The state of Texas, the biggest state in the union, used the sale of the ranch to pay for it's red granite […]

Posted: October 12 2017
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(some more) awesome western ranch apprenticeships

Two opportunities to join some awesome ranches in Colorado and California!

Posted: April 21 2017
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holy, moly, 2017 ranch apprenticeships!

4 exciting positions available in the western ranch country.

Posted: March 20 2017
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show the country that farmer's count!

Greenhorns! It's no secret that the National Young Farmers Coalition goes to Herculean efforts for young farmers across the country, from fighting lobbyists from big ag to make sure the farm bill addresses the needs of small farmers to advocating their chaps off for farmer student loan forgiveness programs. Now, it's time to help them […]

Posted: February 3 2017
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quivira coalition seeks coordinator for their beloved new agrarian program

The Quivira Coalition, a Santa Fe-based nonprofit that builds resilience by fostering ecological, economic and social health on Western landscapes, seeks a coordinator for their New Agrarian Program (NAP). Now, we can't even tell you how awesome the Quivira coalition is in less than 500 words, so we'll just like to some of the other times […]

Posted: January 21 2017
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ranch management school

photo: Samuel Oslund Whatever it was that called you to farming - political, environmental, social, or your love of nature - one thing we often overlook as new farmers is the complex realities of running profitable businesses. It only takes a season to realize that the margins of profit in agriculture are small. As producers […]

Posted: January 4 2017
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this badass lady runs a cattle company and writes wonderful essays

Every other Tuesday, High Country News's Laura Jean Schneider publishes a new essay on her experience as new cattle rancher in New Mexico. In her pieces, we've found the most compassionate and insightful commentary on the Malheur Occupation to date, well-articulated thoughts on "The Era of the Landless Agrarian," and scores of compelling personal insights. Schneider and her […]

Posted: November 19 2016
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did we mention that it's free?

Please join National Farmers Union December 5-8, 2016 for our FREE online beginning farmer and rancher conference. Growing for the Future is a unique online, interactive virtual conference focused on beginning farmer and rancher issues, including: mentorship, business planning, USDA programs women and veterans in farming, conservation and much more! The conference is completely online, and features […]

Posted: November 2 2016
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regenerative ranching, july 17, mendecino county

Posted: July 5 2016
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are you a human being or a human working?

This great graphic and the following analysis is taken from Dave Pratt a really on-point blog post over at the Ranching for Profit blog about having boundaries between your home life and work life. We think it'll resonate with a lot of farmers and farm workers out there. Read the whole post! If you scored more […]

Posted: April 19 2016
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ag promotion that we can stomach

http://realranchers.com Usually the FB stuff is lame, but these ranchers have the right flavor saltlick. Check it out, communications majors.

Posted: April 13 2014
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technology criticism from the beef world

    Here's an excerpt from a recent post in the Ranching for profit blog. The whole post can be found HERE "According to one cattle industry leader quoted in a prominent publication, Those who are not willing to take advantage of the new technology may not be able to survive. He isn’t alone in believing […]

Posted: March 13 2014
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rad ranchers

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/62921614] Audio Portrait: Heidi Redd, Dugout Ranch; Stakeholder Group: Working Landscapes perspective

Posted: November 18 2013
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range rider position in Montana

The Rodear Initiative (RI) is a pilot project for an innovative management system designed to improve the health, diversity, and productivity of public and private rangelands in the Northern Rockies. The RI is working in partnership with Keystone Conservation and other project partners. Project operations are conducted on a National Forest summer grazing allotment outside […]

Posted: May 13 2013
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rancher to rancher

California greenhorns! If you're interested in ranching, check this out:

Posted: April 2 2013
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awesome ranchers coop project

SOTE Ranchers Cooperative After a five-year analysis, it became clear that the fragmented nature and scale of the beef industry has created data gaps for ranchers that give cattle buyers and processors a distinct advantage. SOTE Ranchers Cooperative has established a business framework that collects this lost data, and through a cooperative structure will aggregate […]

Posted: January 9 2013
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nice grassfed ranch videos

At the Hearst Ranch. Check out the videos HERE

Posted: December 31 2012
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ranching research

Some suggested reading from Nancy Ranney of the wonderful Ranney Ranch in New Mexico. Beginning with her talk at the 2010 Quivera Coalition Conference.  Thank you, Nancy! http://quiviracoalition.org/images/global/321-Working%2520with%2520carbon%2520on%2520the%2520Ranney%2520Ranch.pdf TIME article by Judith Schwartz:   http://www.time.com/time/business/article/0,8599,2016079,00.html New York Times article by Kim Severson:   http://www.nytimes.com/2010/10/10/magazine/10cowshare.html# National Geographic blog by Bill Chameides:    http://www.greatenergychallengeblog.com/2010/11/thar-she-blows-wind-on-the-horizon-in-the-american-west/

Posted: November 23 2011
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carly apprenticeships

all positions have been filled for now, but this is an amazing program - one to keep your eyes on. It's a project of the Quivera Coalition. Conservation and Ranching Leadership and Youth (CARLY) CARLY: There are few challenges more important at this moment in time than encouraging the next generation of leaders in conservation […]

Posted: March 8 2010