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beehive design collective is expanding!

Posted: March 20 2013

Wanted: Seven inspired & diligent souls to join forces (Beehive Design Collective in Machias, ME)
Wanted: Seven inspired & diligent souls to join forces with the Beehive Design Collective
It's Spring, and our work is in full bloom! Dear Big World, please send us a few more kickass pollinators!
The scope of our collective's work has been gloriously expanding both globally and locally. After a long hiatus on new membership, the time has now come for us to bring on a big full time Maine-based crew of multi-talented, politically-attuned, self-driven folks. . . We're ready!
That's where you come in. Do any of these roles sound like they're for you or a superstar you know?
Distribution Coordinator and Printing Liaison
Bookkeeping and Finances Manager
Communications and Networking Coordinator
Mesoamerica Resiste Campaign launch team: Media/Promotion/Writing
Building Restoration and Preservation Co-Coordinator
Social Media, Tech, Web and Graphic Design Wizard
Grantwriting and Fundraising Co-coordinator
We are a non-profit art activist collective, dedicated to making anti-copyright illustrations for use as educational tools. Our mission is to "cross-pollinate the grassroots." We value collaborative work, creative problem solving, and dismantling colonial mentality. As the bee metaphor dictates, we are endlessly busy in the effort to illuminate the connections between single issues and the "big picture." Our organism requires long hours, patience and a solid sense of humor, but is consistently surprising, rewarding and so far, mindbogglingly successful!
Here's the link to follow to our online page for much more information and to apply:

Machias, ME