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your money or your life

Posted: February 21 2012

We just had a wonderful conversation with Vicki Robin, author of that best-selling book, and she kindly passed along a few links and videos.  The book is geared toward baby boomers, but we can all benefit.  Teaser: greenhorns will play into her next work, which we'll share when available!
Vicki's blog: http://ymoyl.wordpress.com/
Summary of the program in Your Money or Your Life: http://ymoyl.wordpress.com/summary-of-your-money-or-your-life/
The intro to the new edition of Your Money or Your Life - a landscape view: http://ymoyl.wordpress.com/resources/intro-revised-edition/
An essay she wrote about freedom and limits: http://vickirobin.wordpress.com/liberating-limits/

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