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young farmers - join the map!

Posted: August 25 2009

It's easy - just visit our Serve Your Country Food website and click on "Join the Map" SCAN0237
Here's a little blurb from takepart.com:
Serve Your Country Food: A Map of Young Farmers
You may have heard that more young farmers are joining the sustainable food movement everyday, and now you’re probably saying to yourself, “Great!  But where are they?”  Thankfully the team behind the documentary film The Greenhorns have launched the Serve Your Country Food project to map the location of young farmers across the country.
The amazing project aims to connect farmers, both landless and established, in order to paint a more vivid portrait of the future of American farming, and encourage others to support and join the sustainable efforts.  In addition to strengthening the country’s sustainable network, the map and accompanying survey also serve as to fill in the blanks that the census people, despite their best efforts, have overlooked in their  “dorky pamphlet distributing way.”
The inspiring and carefully plotted manifesto concludes with a stirring call to the gardening tools for existing and aspiring young farmers:
We are here, we are indispensable, we are a cornerstone of the future of food. Let us welcome many new entrants into agriculture, striving to share our lessons, seeds and stories with generations to come. Now is the time for action.
Use the action link below to learn more about young farmers across the country, nominate a farmer who you think should be included, or register to be listed if you’re a young farmer.  Stand up and be counted!