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Young Farmers for Young Presidents!!!

Posted: October 22 2008

We at the Greenhorns have some sayings.
Vote with your fork: as a person faced with the decision of what to eat (hopefully) 3 times a day, you have the power to vote with your fork: consume locally grown veggies, peruse your local farmers market and eat what is in season. Think about where your food is coming from, who labored to produce it and what inputs went into it. Make active decisions about what repercussions you bring to the table when you fill up your plate.
Vote with your lifestyle: becoming a farmer is not just a career choice, it is a lifestyle that has no on and off button. There is no hourly clock, and once you start you must do everything in your power to make sure that your seedlings survive and your wiley geese are not eaten by coyotes. This lifestyle is not for everyone, but without people who vote with their lifestyle, we would not be able to have the other end of the spectrum- voting with your fork.
Today we are taking a step back, reducing our "sayings" to a 
and while you're at it, vote for this guy:
Because without Obama in office,and choosing your voting mechanism, will be extremely difficult. 
Obama has even recognized the need for Greenhorns on his website in his Rural America plan:
Encourage Young People to Become Farmers: The average age of a farm operator in Iowa is 54, and there are not enough young people entering farming. Becoming a successful farmer is a lifelong endeavor. Barack Obama will establish a new program to identify the next generation of farmers and ranchers and help them develop professional skills and find work that leads to farm ownership and management. He will help our land-grant university system and the cooperative extension services work closely with organizations such as 4-H and FFA to identify and prepare candidates for this program.
Barack Obama will also provide a capital gains tax break for landowners selling to beginning family farmers, and a first-time buyers tax credit for new farmers. These incentives will make it easier for new farmers to afford their first farm.
2 week countdown til election day...just a fortnight away! Let's make it happen! It's very easy to volunteer whether it be phone calling from your home or knocking on doors in a swing state, check it out here.
and...after we get 'er done, come out to the countryside, and celebrate at the...

WHEN: November 16, after we've had time to process the election
WHERE: Greenhorns Greenshed Farm, in Nevis, NY. 6pm is melting time
WHAT: a celebration of local cheese and national sucess
           a toast to the visions, aspirations and perspirations of young     farmers