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young farmers fermenting the deep south: donate to the first fermentory in alabama!

Posted: September 23 2015

Harvest Roots Farm & Ferment focuses on small batch wild ferments and specializes in not only sourcing from local farmers but foraging and gleaning fruits and herbs primarily for our seasonal kombucha. They are currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter to raise $14,000 to more than double their production and infrastructure in their fermentory and orchard in Mentone, AL. We also are proud collaborators of The Fruit Explorers - young fruit hunters seeking, preserving and using heirloom and wild fruits in our fermentation practices.

"Working on fermentation, foraging and eccentric fruit production in the Deep South is exciting, because the amount of work being done on any one of those practices is limited. So I think we spend equal time educating and selling. We also spend a lot of time innovating and revisioning fermentation, capitalism, and fruit production in the Deep South - which is generally an exhausting, financially stressful but rewarding and sometimes radical process. But we think of this re-visioning from both a social and ecological perspective - from accessibility to terroir."

Help make fermented foods a known entity in Alabama by helping these farmers scale up! Donate HERE.

Check out their instagram @harvestrootsfarm or on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/HarvestRootsFarm