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young agrarian photographers

Posted: March 13 2011

check them out at the 18 Reasons community space in downtown San Fran: Greenhorns "A Sense of Place" - Contemporary Agrarian Photography Featuring New Works by Small Farmers from Across the Nation

In the Gallery until March 31st!
The images of farms that we, as consumers of media, are exposed to are often taken by outsiders with no anchors in the land they photograph. In selecting works created by new agrarians who are emotionally rooted in their environment we seek to unearth a deeper layer of the changing landscape of agriculture.
This exhibition includes work by: Mckenzie Ditter, Trace Ramsey, Ben Scott-Killian, Genevieve Luikart, Cecily Upton, Nolan Calisch, Ethan Rafal, Esther Margolis, Makenna Goodman, Aaron Price, Christin Boggs, Kim Carr, Connie Migliazzo, Tierney Creech, Georgia Ranney, Sara Worden, Michele Ledoux, Ellie Lobovits, Thea Maria Carlson, Richard Beaven, Erin Harvey.

red hook, new york