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wisconsin apprenticeship

Posted: March 28 2013

Dog on goat-gfairy
Long Arm Farm is a small family farm in southwest Wisconsin. We have 14 acres in Perennial fruit, nuts, mushrooms, bees, pastured hogs, goats (cheese!), various harebrained schemes and we are putting a neighbors 4.5 acre field into annual veggies this year. We are starting a csa and delivering to Milwaukee, thats where our people are. We've been at this 4 years, mostly attempting to re-invent the wheel at every stage, but we've learned a little about efficiency, time management, clear communication, and fun stuff like growing weird fruit, and a lot about goats. This year we are really focusing on creative profitability.

 Please know we are no experts. We are seeking additions to our family and farm. People interested in learning along with us. We are really interested in biodynamics and mixing our agricultural practices with a hearty dose of woo woo - its not all just toil around here. Were pretty well read in permaculture though i think its safe to say we like to bend the hype and rules a little.In our past lives we were artists, we try to weave our manic creativity into growing and designing stuff around here. We have a small house, a small cabin, caves that can be turned into ghoulish apartments, a big shop, or woods to hide out in. There will be a lot of food this year!
We are queer friendly and we really encourage artists to come aboard as well.
Please contact [email protected] for more info
hudson, new york