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willie says :

Posted: June 19 2010

"We are pleased to share with you Farm Aid’s new report, Rebuilding America’s Economy with Family Farm-Centered Food Systems (www.farmaid.org/es). Inspired by Farm Aid President Willie Nelson, who has always said family farmers are the backbone of the nation and the bottom rung of our economic ladder, we offer the report as a resource to individuals, businesses, organizations, and local and state governments seeking to create thriving family farm-centered food systems in their communities, revitalizing the economy of America as a whole.
Rebuilding America’s Economy underscores what we at Farm Aid know as a simple truth: Supporting family farmers and family farm-centered food systems is a powerful strategy for jumpstarting our fragile economy and revitalizing communities across America.
The report recounts the true costs of an industrial food system to our rural economies and communities, and the ripple effects of a troubled farm economy beyond the farm gate. The heart of the report highlights the untapped potential of America’s family farmers to rebuild our nation’s economy through local and regional markets, and further enumerates what we have to gain by investing in both direct markets and emerging “mid-scale food value chains.” In addition to capturing some of the best research out there modeling the impacts of family farm-centered food systems, the report showcases the stories of innovative farm entrepreneurs finding success in local and regional markets and building better food economies in their communities.
We are proud of this report, but even more proud of the farmers and entrepreneurs it showcases, who are transforming our food system, rebuilding economies, and strengthening our country from the ground up. To access a downloadable pdf of the report, please go to www.farmaid.org/es.  In addition, we have compiled a pdf of federal funding resources available for developing family farm-centered local and regional food systems, which can be accessed by visiting www.farmaid.org/opportunities.  If you have any questions, or would like a paper copy, please let us know."
All the best,
Hilde Steffey
Farm Aid