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wild garden seeds

Posted: February 28 2011

More Oregon greenhorns, keeping a great blog! Here's a letter from Eric of Wild Garden Seeds.

Wild Garden Seeds grows organic, open pollinated vegetable seeds in Philomath, Oregon, seven miles west of Corvallis. Most of what we grow are various salad crops, including lettuces, mustards, brassicas, chard and beets. The company was started by Frank and Karen Morton, and the land where we do most of our growing is at Gathering Together Farm. Frank is involved in a number of breeding projects, most of which are aimed at developing disease resistance and resilience in open pollinated crops, as well as improving taste, texture, and color.
Hank, Anaka, and myself are the full time staff, and our work ranges from greenhouse construction to weeding to fine seed cleaning. We are young farmers (farm workers at the moment), who believe in the importance of open pollinated seeds, and of maintaining heirloom varieties as well as actively developing new ones.
Our blog follows what is going on week to week in our greenhouse and fields, what is going on in the confusing world of agricultural policy, insight we come up with after hours of weeding lettuce, and other fresh threshings from the wild garden.
We are digging what the Greenhorns is throwing out there, great work!

red hook, new york


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