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White Barn Farm Notes + Plant Sale

Posted: May 15 2009

The latest from the greenhorns at White Barn Farm...
Hi there farm-supporting team!
Two main points:
1. We are selling wonderful varieties of vegetable seedlings as well as flower and herb starts next weekend: May 16 & 17. 9am-4pm both days. rain or shine. Our idea is: Grow your own organic garden. it is time for victory gardens once again. Let us empower you to grow your own groceries. May your yard emerge victorious!!
2. We need help. Garden Playdate, anyone? isn't that even a little more euphemistic than "work party"? there is a certain possibility of a bok choy style reward. Make an appointment w/ Christy: 774-210-0359
Upcoming projects:
seeding, potting up in the greenhouse. (music. chatting.)
mulching the peas. (hauling, sweating.)

transplanting celery, celery root, lettuce, and leeks with the Waterwheel Transplanter. (core strength.)
harvesting spinach and pea tendrils for Tuesday's restaurant delivery. (squatting, pinching, washing.)
transplanting perennials into the perennial flower and herb bed. (squatting. getting dirt under the nails.)
seeding the next succession of arugula, cilantro, radishes, and salad turnips. (hoeing, raking, pushing seeders.)
- perhaps with some help with these manpower-heavy projects, christy's brain will be freed up so she can order electric fencing, organic fertilizer, organize more garden playdates, post a detailed inventory of the veggie varieties available at the plant sale, attend to Quickbooks, present the family with a coherent business plan, revisit my insurance policy, etc
yikes! doesn't that make tenderly bunching leaves around young peas sound luxuriously simple and carefree!!!
Call Christy if you are inspired by any of these proposed activities. You are invited to come for a morning, afternoon, or evening shift. No more than 3-4 hours at a time (unless you are really inspired!!).
We start around 8 am and end around 8:30 pm. so your after work hours work for us!!!
Other notes:
We have some new photos up on the website. Go to the farm menu and look at the photos.
My best friend Heather made us some very cool art for our Plant Sale Poster and business cards.
Another great friend, Soraya, handwrote us a little postcard-sized flyer for our Roadside Stand.
keep your eyes sharpened around town for a sighting of these works!!
We are delighted by every instant of our immersion in nature. The enormous bright orange full moon rising over 1A blew us away tonight as i went to inform Chris that he should stop trellising the peas since it was totally dark out. The light shining through our field pea cover crop gave us joy and energy as my Uncle David generously helped us plant nineteen 120' beds of all different varieties of potatoes Wednesday night. It was so hard to believe that the first part of my day had been spent substitute teaching for a Wrentham elementary 2nd grade class. Crisp white button down, smart skirt, tights!!!! Sunday's activites were purely heartwarming. Saturday was nice: we displayed at Earth Day at Wrentham Elementary with an "identify that veggie seedling challenge" followed by a frantic commute to Providence to waitress. Sunday morning was peaceful and my rock-star younger cousins, Ben and Hannah, arrived early to help us begin to cut the seed potatoes. Ben left for an appointment. I arrived late, after thankfully having a moment to organize and vacuum. Soon we were making every 5 gallon bucket into a seat as Grammie got into the act, thinning all the lettuce flats, my Uncle David started cutting potatoes, Hannah and Chris were still going strong, and finally Ben reappeared, toting his own cutting board and knife, no less!!!
I am considering writing a blog soon, folks.
Hope this wildly formatted note tides y'all over!
love and peas,
chris and christy